Co-owner, Pole & Aerials Instructor

Zoe grew up as a football girl, before transitioning to weightlifting. It wasn’t until 2018 when Zoe decided she finally wanted to take the leap into trying something new (and a little scary at the time) that she discovered her love for aerials. With the grace of a rhino and the self-confessed natural flexibility of a brick, Zoe is here to celebrate all wins, big and small. Her hope is to show that the pole and aerials world is for everyone, and that we can all achieve great things with a bit of hard work and an awesome support crew!


Aerials Instructor

Nikii began aerials in 2016, starting with silks but falling in love with hoop after a trip away exposed her to the art. Performing is a love of hers, which allows her to use her background in ballet to create flows on silks, hoop & pole. Nikii is also one half of Women of Steel where she is known as the flexible one. Loud & a little crazy Nikii will show you how to embrace your inner style to all you do


Pole & Stretch Instructor

Hannah has been poling since 2014, after her best friend encouraged her to try it and she instantly fell in love.
She was amazed on the strength she gained and how much confidence it can give you.
She has competed and performed throughout NZ over the years and has a particular interest in doubles pole.
She has now joined our team and is excited to share her passion for pole with others.


Co-owner, Strength-based Instructor

An active father of two fluffy dogs, Harry has a history of signing up to challenges and pulling through, be it five 330km bike rides across New Zealand, a 5-year engineering degree, or signing up for altitude classes in 2017.

In the past year Harry has performed a doubles lyra/acro routine with Zoe and has signed up for his pole competition debut in the NZAPP competition this year.


Silks, Hoop & Stretch Instructor

Pipi-Ayesha Evans is a circus and physical theatre performer, with 16 years experience of professional performing and teaching circus. She trained in circus at CircoArts, Christchurch, and theatre at Otago University, Dunedin.

Pipi-Ayesha grew up in Nelson and after many years travelling and performing, has recently returned to live in Nelson again.

Pipi specialises in performing aerials and stilts, in particular combining them with physical theatre and aerial dance. She has performed extensively throughout NZ and the world. She has also taught circus and yoga throughout NZ and Australia. She performs aerial hoop, silks, rope, aerial net and trapeze and strops.

Her character in solo show The Blue Bearded Lady has been described as ‘Utterly charming in a ghoulish kind of way.’


Pole Instructor

Natsumi started pole back in 2015 and has fallen in love with the strength and challenges that came with it. After being introduced to exotic pole dance, her reggaeton and Latin dance background translated quickly into passion and addiction. Now at Altitude, Natsumi can be found upside down on the pole, hoop and silks. She can’t touch her toes, but with her bendy back, she will bend over backwards to help anyone grow and achieve greatness while sharing her love for the arts.


Sales Manager, Pole Instructor

Tania has been poling on and off since 2014, getting the opportunities to work with a couple of different studios as she moved around the country.
She quickly fell in love with how empowering pole was and its ability to make you feel strong in body, mind and soul.
Tania has an odd love of painful moves and tricks and can often be heard shouting COMMIT as she bounces around the room.


Pole Instructor

Growing up in Australia with a background in gymnastics and burlesque, Lizzie took to pole in early 2018 after a friend suggested she try a class.
She loved that she could embrace her body, the amazing things it could do, and the self confidence that came along with that.
She has a particular love for exotic flow and floorplay and hopes to help others to feel confident and sexy in their own skin.



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