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Owner, Pole Instructor

Alex has been on and off the pole since 2013, popping up at NZAPP, PoleGear NZ fashion shows and cutting shapes at the NZPIA Ball. Alex is known for her ability as an instructor to talk her students into any number of impossible moves.

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Pole Instructor

Emma is my name and tricks are my game. You’ll usually find me doing some strength based crazy tricks and combo’s, while banging out the rock music. I have been pole dancing since 2010. I am passionate about everything to do with Pole Dancing; from those crazy tricks right down to flowy floor work. I also love how special it is to each person who comes to learn this art and seeing people grow throughout their pole journey. I love sharing and spreading my knowledge/signature moves to all I come across in the Pole World.

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Pole & Hoops Instructor

With absolutely no dance background and even less coordination Chrissy fell in love with pole and aerials several years ago. She eagerly signed up as a student at Altitude Drury as soon as they opened and is now is thrilled to be teaching and helping others, hoping they too fall in love with such a fun and unique hobby! Really anyone can give it a go and you never know where you will end up.

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Client Care Manager, Pole, Stretch & Flex, and Barre Instructor

First off, I'm a mumma of 2 beautiful boys and I have a history of performing, predominantly acting, singing, and dancing!

I have a passion for people and fitness, so when I was asked to step into the role of Client Care Manager at Altitude Pole and Fitness Drury, I could not say yes fast enough. Bringing new people into the Altitude community just made sense- small class sizes, amazing teachers and a wonderful bunch of people that become family!

I am a qualified Barre Pilates teacher, studying to be a PT, alongside instructing Level 1 Pole, Stretch and Flex, Barre, the occasional Hoops 1 and Seductive Pole Flow.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all in class!

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Pole, Hoop, Stretch & Flex Instructor

Toni started her pole journey with Altitude in February 2018 after attending a hens party. She was inspired by the technical mastery and strength pole dancers have. Toni had thought about joining prior to the hen's do but didn't out of pure fear that she wouldn’t be strong enough or flexy enough (pretty sure we can all relate to that!). In her own words she says "After attending the hens party and having the most fun I had had in a long while I knew immediately I wanted to join! I have always had a love for dance and even though I don't have a dance background I pride myself on having a great sense of rhythm and musicality from my experience in artistic roller skating. I can’t wait to help other people work towards their goals!" Toni loves to challenge herself whether it’s performing in a showcase or in a national competition. She became an instructor at Altitude Pole Wigram in 2019 and then moved up to Auckland in 2020 where she joined the Altitude Drury instructing team.

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Pole and HIIT Instructor

Amy began her pole journey in April of 2019 as a founding member, her background playing sports and the gym meant strength moves came easier. Setting goals to work her way through the level testing and then become an instructor. She loves a challenge so you will see her in advanced spin and hoops 3, also flow to get out of her comfort zone and learn some skills. Amy enjoys being a part of the positive and encouraging atmosphere at the studio and can’t wait to see you progress in your pole journey.

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Pole Instructor

Ashlee did not realize when she started Pole back in 2015 that she was was going to learn a lot more than some kick ass pole tricks. She picked up a lot of strength, an amazing community, and a few extra party tricks along the way.
You can find this Grinchy Queen on the corner of Comedy and Sexy, Twerking, Handstanding and Floor Flipping her way around.

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Pole Instructor

Mel began her pole journey in April 2019, fell in love and never looked back. A second place to call home, Altitude Pole has given Mel the strength and confidence to grow and learn not only as a student but also as an instructor. Mel loves floor work and flowy routines, she is a regular in static and spin classes and occasionally you will catch her stretching and flexing!

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Youth Hoops Instructor, Pole & Hoops Instructor

In August 2020 I was invited to a FriYay bring-a-friend class at Altitude Drury. By the end of the night I was buzzing with excitement and inspiration and I signed up immediately. From that point on I couldn't get enough and I became addicted to the thrill of achieving new skills that I never dreamed possible, with my proudest achievement being the splits; something I never managed to do before despite training extensively in gymnastics, cheerleading and ice figure skating as a child.
I have a particularly strong background in ice figure skating, having competed to a national level and spending my teenage years coaching young children and beginners. I loved how figure skating presented as an impressive performance sport with a unique artistic element, and the aerial arts is perfect for me to continue embracing and exploring this passion. Joining Altitude was a life-changing experience for me and I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to help others discover this incredible community that I'm so proud to be part of.