Owner, Pole Instructor

Alex has been on and off the pole since 2013, popping up at NZAPP, PoleGear NZ fashion shows and cutting shapes at the NZPIA Ball. Alex is known for her ability as an instructor to talk her students into any number of impossible moves.


Pole Instructor

Ashlee began her pole journey in 2015, and she has since gone from strength to strength. She has competed in NZAPP and performed in showcases regularly. Her jaw-dropping performances have included pole, aerial hoop, floor work and even a chair. Her diversity in performance landed her a space on the Dance Filthy stage in 2017.


Pole Instructor

Emma is my name and tricks are my game. You’ll usually find me doing some strength based crazy tricks and combo’s, while banging out the rock music. I have been pole dancing since 2010. I am passionate about everything to do with Pole Dancing; from those crazy tricks right down to flowy floor work. I also love how special it is to each person who comes to learn this art and seeing people grow throughout their pole journey. I love sharing and spreading my knowledge/signature moves to all I come across in the Pole World.



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