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Altitude's Founder, Owner & Pole Instructor

Karry Summers is an internationally ranked pole dancer who teaches all over the world. She has been pole dancing since 2008 and is the 2017 Australian Pole Series winner, 2 x Miss Pole Dance NZ & runner up in the 2nd Pole World Cup. Teaching skills in a safe & progressive manner is second nature to Karry from her years of gymnastics coaching.


Stretch Instructor & Client Care Manager

Dani started at Altitude as a student 2 years ago and feel in love with it from day one. She has been teaching acro at Altitude since 2019 and is now one of our Client Care Managers. With a background in gymnastics, yoga, dance, acrobatics and musical theatre - performance is a huge part of her life. Dani enjoys teaching a variety of classes at Altitude focusing on the importance of technique, strength and flexibility.


Pole Instructor

Noelle joined Altitude Pole in 2017. Her passion for pole has given her opportunities to perform and compete throughout New Zealand and Australia, nabbing second place at Pole Championship Series - Amateur in Melbourne in 2018 and Pole Legends Drama winner in 2019. She loves the challenges and creative freedom pole has to offer. If not on the pole or on the floor, she'll be snuggling on the furniture or on someone at an Altitude studio somewhere. Oh, she might also ask you to grab gelato with her and tell you stories about her cat.


Pole Instructor

Anna has been poling since 2015 and came on as an instructor with us in 2016. When Anna started pole, she saw a complete change in who she was both mentally and physically and now she LOVES seeing that change in others. She will teach you the beginner moves as well as introduce you to the sassy side of pole in her exotic flow classes!


Aerial Hoop, Silks & Stretch Instructor

Olivia Watts is a Christchurch native who has spent the last 10 years training and then performing aerials and hula hoops over the world. She has performed on cruise ships, in theatres, and festivals all over the world. She brings all of her experience into the aerial studio at Altitude and loves helping people achieve their goals.


Conditioning and Pole Instructor

All the way from the Czech Republic, Kristyna started pole fitness at Altitude Pole Christchurch a couple of years ago, and grown stronger physically and mentally because of it. Pole dance has found a special place in her heart! With a strong dance and fitness background, Kristyna has competed in Latin and Ballroom dancing back at home since 2010. In 2015 she became a qualified personal trainer and Zumba instructor. Since then she's been teaching different types of classes from cycling, high intensity classes to dancing. Now at Altitude, you'll catch her teaching our Conditioning Classes!

Outside her ‘training’ life, she loves to draw and go for walks with her husband Jordan and dog Kevin.


Pole Instructor

Charlotte started her pole journey back in 2016 after watching fellow instructor and friend Laura perform at a showcase, and after seeing how incredible all the pole and aerials performances were, she signed up the next day! Charlotte is an ex figure skater and ex competitive cheerleader, but has found her true love lies in aerials. Starting with pole, she was quickly hooked by the strength, confidence and coordination she gained through pole. In 2019 just to mix it up a bit, Charlotte started her aerial hoop journey which led her to winning the 2019 Amateur Miss Lyra NZ title and has opened up herself to all sorts of other styles including twerk, hoop, exotic and doubles pole. Outside of pole Charlotte is a Transport Engineer and a complete nerd. She loves to teach others about aerials and hopes that it helps them achieve things they never thought possible!


Pole, Silks and Aerial Hoop Instructor & Studio Manager

Tash been pole dancing since 2013 and instantly fell in love with it. She fell in love with how fun fitness can be, how supportive and welcoming the people are and how much confidence it can give you. Coming from no dance or gymnastics background, Tash is the perfect example to show that pole dancing and aerial arts is for anyone! She has a special enthusiasm for planches and drops!


Pole and Stretch Instructor

Libi started Pole three years ago after a work do dare. Her two workmates didn’t turn up to the class on the appointed day so Libi went on her own. She understands how your first class is exciting and maybe a bit scary. Libi was hooked on aerials from the start - front hook, back hook, hook n roll and loves to see other people get hooked on aerials too. Libi is so excited about teaching at Altitude and sharing with you her love of movement and dance wrapped up in the thrill and fun that is aerials. Oh, and fabulous shoes!


Aerial Hoop and Silks Instructor

Being intrigued by an aerial show, Ines decided to give pole dancing a go back in 2014. She quickly discovered that it was not only a fun type of exercise but had a lot more to offer. After moving to NZ, Ines joined Altitude Pole where she discovered her love for lyra and aerial silks. Since then, Ines has performed at several showcases demonstrating her passion for aerial hoop. She would love her students to experience the world of aerials, growing physically and mentally stronger and being surrounded by a super supportive community you can always count on.


Pole & Stretch Instructor

Rosie began pole dancing in 2011 and hasn't looked back. With a background in gymnastics, dance, diving and theatre she has everything you need to become a top poler. Rosie loves Altitude for its long lasting friendships and space to do what she loves! You might have caught Rosie on stage as a finalist in NZAPP competitions and MPDNZ.


Pole, Stretch and Floorplay instructor

Brittney joined pole fitness with a friends as a bit of a laugh and fell in love with its challenges and freedom of expression. She had no background in dance or gymnastics and reaching her knees was a stretch, let alone the floor! As an adult she also joined ballet and jazz to increasing her body awareness and hasn't looked back. Now teaching her own stretch classes she knows the struggles of those of us who are flexibility challenged! You will also see her rockin' heels in floor play and teaching pole. Not a stranger to the stage, you may have seen her performing some wild characters as a Pole Legends doubles finalist in 2016, 1st runner up in artistry at Pole Stars 2016 and NZAPP finalist in 2016.


Pole Instructor

Christina has been doing aerials since 2017. Prior to this, she spent 10 years training in Martial Arts and competing in competitive sparring. Wanting another challenge, she switched over to aerial arts and was immediately hooked. Specialising in Aerial Silks and Pole, she loves seeing the progression in her students and watching them shine! With no dance background Christina wants to show others that there is no prerequisite for aerial arts, you just have to put your mind to it!


Client Care Manager

Monique is our super star Client Care Manager. She is also a professional actress and performs around NZ and Australia. She joined Altitude to train for a role but got addicted to feeling she got from pole. “It’s wonderful being in a room full of powerful woman, cheering each other on for having strength, determination and fierceness . The classes at altitude will have you working out without feeling like your working out, Come get strong and sexy with us!”


Pole, Twerk and Floorplay Instructor

Nicole's Altitude journey began in 2016 but she did her first pole class back in 2011. Growing up Nicole did Jazz but if you asked her to freestyle some jazz she would look at you blankly, needless to say it didn't click as much as pole has. Nicole has immersed herself in performing, having performed at numerous Altitude showcases and competed in NZAPP, Pole Stars (3rd place in 2017) and will soon take to the stage for Pole Artistry Grand Masters and Miss Pole Dance NZ! In "normal person life" Nicole is a qualified electrician and is addicted to gaming. She can't wait to share her love of pole with you!


Aerial Hoop and Silks Instructor

Violet has always had a love of being in the air, after trying to find the best way through rock climbing, snowboarding, and cheer-leading she discovered aerials in 2015. Instructing since early 2019, she loves seeing her students' confidence grow as they discover all the amazing things their bodies are capable of. Violet has a particular passion for partner work (on and off the ground) and is a self-confessed fitness nerd; with a Masters of Sport Science to prove it.


Pole Instructor

Megan has been teaching with us since 2013. With her impressive flexibility, smiley stage presence and originality in pole skills its no wonder shes been a finalist on the NZAPP and Pole Legends stage! With a comprehensive background in competitive aerobics and a bubbly personality, Megan is a fabulously fun instructor.


Aerial Hoop & Pole Instructor

Stacey joined Altitude a couple of years ago, starting with pole and following with aerial hoop 6 months later. Stacey has found that pole gave her more confidence than ever before, this has encouraged her bubbly personality to shine and allows her to share her passion for pole and hoop with those around her! Teaching both pole and aerial hoop allows her to share in the success and progress that her students achieve in each and every class!


Silks, Pole & Stretch Instructor

Having become talented across the aerial arts over the past three years, and with a background in rhythmic gymnastics and dance, Erin joined the instructor team in 2016. A regular performer in pole and silks and a competitor on the NZAPP stage, Erin has much to offer and looks forward to pushing our students to help them reach their goals.



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