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Five minutes with Rhiannon and Izelle

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

We wanted to share a few fun facts about some of our Auckland students, have a read of our Q&A with Rhiannon and Izelle.  

Q. How long have you been at the studio for?

Rhiannon: I've lost track...but I think about a year since I started back. Previously I attended for 6 months in 2015.

Izelle: I joined Altitude Auckland in September 2016, so it's almost a year!

Q. What do you do in 'real life'?

Rhiannon: I own a doggie daycare and kennel facility 

Izelle: I'm a Graphic Designer. I work for a corporate company in the North Shore. I'm part of the company's Marketing team and am in charge of all the creative for the company - internal and external.

Q. What is your favourite pole video/performance? And pole artist?

Rhiannon: That's a hard one! I'm in love with Bendy Kate after taking one of her workshops. Her performance at the Greek Pole Dance Championship was stunning.

Izelle: It's so hard to choose a favourite with so many amazing polers out there! But I think one of my favourite videos must be Michelle Shimmy's performance at Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016. I've probably watched it a hundred times already. I love Michelle Shimmy, Maddie Sparkle, Amy Hazel..


Q: As a beginner, what move did you struggle the most with?

Rhiannon: I remember hating pole sit practice and how much it hurt having that metal between my thighs! Oh the bruises. A couple of weeks later and the move was mastered. The most difficult move for me to master has been shoulder mounts it took three months to

do one... and I'm not saying I did it well. Still something I'm working on.

Izelle: I really struggled with a fan kick. It took me ages to be able to lift my legs higher than 10cm off the ground (and to keep them straight). I didn't feel strong or flexible enough to do it.

Q. Give us a fun fact about yourself!

Rhiannon: I have a pet goat called peaches who thinks she's one of my dogs 

Izelle: I hate meatballs. I eat (and love) burgers and mince, but can't stand meatballs. Strange, I know...

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