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My Journey - Karry Summers

My name is Karry Summers, I am the owner of Altitude Pole & Fitness.

I am so passionate about pole dancing, not just because I love to do it, but because I have seen it transform the lives of hundreds of women over and over again. I could talk all day about the benefits and awesome journeys I have seen, but instead I want to share my own personal story. I want you to see just how exciting this journey can be for you, as it has been for countless others, not

just here at Altitude, but all over the world.

I started pole dancing when I was 25. I was working as a Software Programmer in the U.K. My day was spent surrounded by males, I was in a foreign city with none of my friends and my husband worked evenings. Sounds just like you'd expect a crazy O.E. to be right? Yeah, no.

I needed something to get me out, to get me active and more importantly to start having fun in life.

I'd grown up as a competitive gymnast so I'd always been able to eat whatever I'd wanted, then when I stopped gym I all of a sudden started to get "soft". I had tried going to the gym or to go for runs because I did enjoy being active, but I just got so bored. I am a very goal oriented person and unless I had goals to work towards while I was exercising, it just didn't hold my attention and I got bored and gave up. I went along to a local pole fitness class out of curiosity (Shout out to Robyn Rooke, my first teacher!). Straight away at pole I saw all these more experienced polers doing these amazing tricks! They became my goals. I had to nail that next move! I had to get stronger for that move, or more flexible for that move. I was no longer going to classes for fitness, that became a secondary benefit. Getting all those moves was my priority and it was so much fun!

I was making friends, feeling good about myself and getting so much stronger! 

Seven years on, I have now given up my high paying but boring software job. I have competed and placed all over the world at the biggest pole dance competitions in the industry. I get to travel the world teaching both students and other instructors. I am so much stronger and more flexible than I ever was as a teenage gymnast. I have an amazing community I am supported by every day. And I know myself better than I ever did before. I love who I am and love what I do. Pole dancing did that for me. 100% pole dancing changed my life for the better. And I've seen it do the same for 100's of females and males all over the world.

To all those people thinking about starting (and from the amount I talk to that is a SHIT load of people), just take that first step, get in touch with your local studio and DO IT!! Wanna join an Altitude? Click here!

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