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It's Leg Day! January's At Home Workout

Trying to think of things you can do at home to up-the-ante? Regardless of your fitness level... this workout is a goodie, even featuring progressions if you need it a little bit harder. 😲

Michelle Muscles (@michellemuscles) owner of one of our newest studios, Altitude Pole Redwood in Christchurch, has put together a peachtastic, leg day workout just for YOU!

Take a look... and then try it yourself! 🍑

Chair Squats at Altitude Pole

1. Chair assisted squats &/or chair assisted pistol squats Squats are an obvious leg choice as it hits a bit of everything... but let's mix it up with a chair. 🪑

Find yourself a comfortable chair. Stand in front, feet hip-width. Keep knees over feet as you bend down to sit but don't actually sit, stand back up then do that baby again.

Progression: definitely harder, chair assisted pistol squats i.e. one-legged. Sit down, lift a leg out, drive through the foot on the ground and stand, hold then return to seated. You can either do one side first then the other, or alternate. Make sure to do both sides!

Reps 3 sets of 10 each side

If doing the progression, 2 sets of 10 each side.

2. Chair assisted glutes bridge and leg work

May as well keep playing with that chair! We'll get your butt and your hamstrings AND work on leg tension in this one. 

Lie on your back with feet on the chair. Brace your core, belly button sucked down to the ground, squeeze your butt and drive your hips towards the ceiling. Hold at the top then come down. Repeat for 10.

Add in some chair taps - take the legs straight, tensioning through quads, calfs, ankles and toe point, then tapping the chair and back up. Repeat for 10.

Add in some hip flexor work. Similar to above, start with straight tensioned legs, then straddle your legs towards the ground on either side, bring them back up then tap the chair and repeat for 10.

And finally add in a bit more hip mobility while continuing to tension through those legs. Straighten the legs, then take them to the ground either side, back up and tap the chair, repeat for 10.

3. Calf raises &/or one-legged calf raises Can't do a leg workout without good old calf raises! These work, would you believe it, your calves!

Stand tall, belly sucked into your spine, feet planted firmly on the floor. Raise your heels so you're up on your tiptoes, nice and slow, hold at the top then release to flat feet.

Progression: one-legged calf raises. This is the same thing but on one leg, so additional balance challenges - feel free to hold onto a wall. Make sure to do both sides! Reps: 3 sets of 10 each side

If you're doing the progression, 2 sets of 10 each side.

4. Bend and snap

Finish with some fun, working through squats some more but adding a giggle in too.

Stand facing a wall, squat down, turn your body, bring your knees together then booty up embracing that hair flick! Return to the wall and repeat but swap sides.

Progression: without a wall, balance master! Same thing, no wall, do it in front of a mirror for extra giggles.

Reps: 3 sets of 10 each side

Or if you're doing the progression, 2 sets of 10 each side.


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