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Handstand Tips for #handstandfebruary

February is known worldwide as #handstandfebruary and lots of people get on board the handstand train posting an array of snazzy shapes, interesting locations, progression shots and more. 

For some of us handstands come naturally, a link to our cartwheeling, running and jumping childhood but for most of us, that childhood was too long ago or wasn't quite what we were up to and handstands present themselves as a balancing, avoiding face planting, trusting and all round inversion challenge!

Here are some top tips to get you started, and keep you going!

Tip #1: It’s easier to balance with a wide base of support. So fingers spread, hands shoulder width apart.

Tip #2: Lowering your centre of mass will help you balance, so try either straddling or splitting your legs (evenly). This is how a tightrope walkers stick helps them balance.

Tip #3: You have more control over a strong body. So pull your belly button in and squeeze that butt and legs tight.

Tip #4 :It’s easier to correct balance issues from a slightly over balanced position (past vertical), so the weight is onto your fingers, allowing you to use those fingers to push against gravity.

Tip #5: Based on tip #4, learn how to safely fall from a handstand, so you can confidently kick to vertical. For example using a controlled roll technique or a turn and step down. A good soft mat behind you will help with this.

Tip #6: As with all new exercises, build into it slowly. If your wrists aren’t used to full weight bearing, you can build strength in the joints through bunny hops, ¾ handstands or wrist push ups.

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