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FREE DOWNLOAD - Monthly Habit Tracker

We've designed our very own Altitude Habit Tracker to help you kick off COVID-19 Alert Level Two with a BANG! 💥

Thanks to the incredibly talented Noelle for the beautiful design 😍



But what's a Habit Tracker? We hear you ask.

A habit tracker is a simple and fun way of keeping track of all the little habits you want to build up (and stick to) in your daily, weekly or monthly routine! It will provide you positive visual feedback to help you stay on track... or give you the direction that you might need to change course a little.

This monthly habit tracker gives you 9 different habits you can keep track of throughout a month. Just mark off each day that you have managed to achieve your habit and the tracker will start coming to life!

  1. It works as a visual clue that reminds you to act

  2. It will motivate you because you'll be able to see your progress through the month

  3. And it will bring you instant satisfaction because you get to record your success each day!

Keep track of things like exercise, classes you plan to attend, keeping a journal, drinking enough water through the day, getting to bed early, getting enough sleep... there are loads of healthy and beneficial habits you can track with this tracker... so enjoy!



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