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Beginner exercises you can multi-task with!

Need a little more movement added into your busy day? Or maybe you've been wondering how you could get better on the pole while you’re off the pole? This blog is for YOU!

It can be hard to fit conditioning within an already busy life. But making a few easy exercises habits within your daily grind can make a world of difference. And thankfully our wonderful Altitude instructors have pitched in a few different ideas for what you can do while you’re going about your day.

Check them out!


Hand crunches - Squeeze a ball or a grip trainer while you’re on hold to the IRD or to your internet provider. You’ll have a terminator grip in no time (plus you can release the rage of waiting on hold)!

Side-lying leg lifts - Most of us spend a lot of time streaming shows and movies these days, well why not smash out some leg lifts while you’re at it? Netflix time is a great time to do any of these exercises!

Squats - We all brush our teeth twice a day (hopefully) - that’s twice a day that you could spend a couple of minutes doing squats.

Got a daily commute? Kegels are your friend! The law says no using your phone while driving, but it doesn’t say anything about kegels (please drive safely though). These can be done just about anywhere really!

Demi pointe heel raises - Like a calf raise, but avoid sickling your ankle to the side. Smash a few of these out while the jug boils for your cup of tea or coffee!

Isolation twerking - A good twerk takes practice, and you can practice while lying on your stomach on your phone, or while reading a book or magazine.

Balancing on one leg or tiptoes - This is an easy one to do while you’re standing in line at the supermarket. People might give you an odd look, but they’re the ones that are unbalanced, not you!

Tricep dips - these can be done on almost any bench or table. Try some out while your food is in the oven.

Lunges - walking to the bathroom? Why not lunge your way there!

The ideas are limitless really - if you can build a mental habit of using those extra moments you have throughout the day then you’ll be getting great results in no time. It doesn’t have to be strength conditioning either. Swap any of these for your favourite stretch and get those splits or backbends going!


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