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Altitude's Founder and Owner (Based in Christchurch)

Karry Summers is an internationally ranked pole dancer who teaches all over the world. She has been pole dancing since 2008 and is the current Miss Pole Dance NZ, 2013 Australian Pole Theatre Champion and runner up in the 2nd Pole World Cup. Based in Christchurch, Karry travels to Auckland to hold pole masterclasses for Altitude instructors.


Pole Instructor

Jenna was crowned Miss Rising Polestar at NZ Polestars 2015. She holds the NZ Pole Doubles Ultimate Legend title partnering with Lien in 2016 & Zoe in 2017. She performed aerial silks at the Retrospect Carnaval De La Noche show in 2017 and loves to teach flex, flow and floor.


Pole Instructor

Aleksandra has her background in gymnastics and fitness. She herself started exercising at an age of 18 and quickly fell in love with sport. After a few years with gymnastics she decided to give pole a go and really believes that there is nothing like "too old" or "too late". She loves spending time at Altitude and thinks that training should be hard, but most importantly FUN !


Shanice started as a student at Altitude and quickly fell in love with the beautiful "studio family" feel as well as the amazing benefits pole offered both physically & mentally! She has done ballet and ballroom & latin dancing over the span of 15 years and absolutely loves using dance as a form of expression. As a chiropractor & yoga teacher too, Shanice can't wait to share her love and knowledge for movement, fitness and well-being with you all


Sam is a pole dancer, burlesque performer and BSc student majoring in nutrition & sport science. She has a penchant for floorwork, slink and 8 inch heels.


Rose joined altitude after discovering how incredible pole is through massey uni.She is a zoology student by day, but is often found in the studio at massey or northshore before between and after class feeding her obsession, working on strength flexibility and new moves.She is super excited to teach at North shore. Rose loves sharing her passion for pole, and watching her students improving.

Sarah Barr

Managing Director, Pole & Stretch Instructor

Sarah is the epitome of grace and strength. Starting pole in 2009 with Altitude Pole, Sarah is a regular to the professional and competitive stage. Most recently she won the strength award in NZ Pole Legends 2017 and was the winner of the Trickstar category of Pole Stars 2017. Fitness, health, well being and pole are her obsessions and she just loves to share the knowledge she has in these fields.


Aerial Yoga & Pole Instructor

Krisztina is an absolute gem with a graceful style and sweet personality. She also trains in calisthenics and likes moves that require strength. Krisztina likes challenges and loves to see students' expressing and finding themselves through dance.


Ballet barre Instructor

Kaena has been dancing since the age of 4. She has trained full time at the NZ School of Dance for 2 years, majoring in classical ballet and has been offered scholarships with the Royal NZ Ballet Company and The Queensland Ballet Company in Australia. This passionate and skilled ballerina will be joining our team to take over our ballet barre class. We are so excited to have Kaena joining us at Altitude.


Physio by day, pole instructor by night. Ness started her pole journey in 2010(ish). She loves the way Altitudes enthusiasm and positive attitude reignited her love for pole and shes excited to be able to share that same enthusiasm and lvoe with her students


Bridie has a background (a long long time ago) in ballet, jazz and tap dance. As an adult, she found most forms of exercise boring - until she found pole in 2018! Blending her ballet background and love of dance with strength and tricks up the pole, Bridie loves challenging herself with new ideas, transitions and flows. Since 2018 she has performed on stage 4 times, including at New Zealand Amateur Pole Performer in 2020. Becoming an instructor was the natural next step in her pole journey and she says it was one of the best decisions of her life (and one of the most rewarding!). She enjoys helping students find their individuality on the pole, encouraging them to express themselves in their own unique way. She loves seeing students learning to love their bodies and gain confidence as well as strength.
When she's not on the pole or hanging out at the studio, she's either practicing yoga, growing things in the garden, painting, knitting or writing. You can find her in the studio usually teaching baby polers (yay!) as well as flow classes with a range of styles, variety and music genres.


I love all things physical and love the strength and flexibility challenges that pole brings. I love being part of the altitude team and so excited to be part of the students journey, whatever that is for them.


General Manager & Co-Owner

2018 Pole Stars 1st Runner up and 2019 Miss Pole Queen Amateur category winner. Rhi has a passion for pole which she loves getting to share with her students. The most rewarding part of working for Altitude is getting to see your students grow and progress.


Pole Instructor

As seen on American's Got Talent Season 12 and the Pole Dancing TRex Video, Amy performs under the stage name "The Pole Comedian". She is the current reigning North American Showgirl Grand Champion & Stage Rockstar with additional awards for Best Costume and Best Props. She brings 6 years of pole dancing experience to the table and has spent the last 5 traveling, teaching, competing, hosting, and judging at major pole events around North America. She has dedicated her pole journey to bringing poop jokes and silly dances to the masses. The Pole Comedian is coming, and she's got her clown nose on!


Pole Instructor

Alice started as a student at Altitude, her dedication to her training and support of her fellow students really caught our eye and we were thrilled when she took up the offer to join our teaching team. Alice won the expect Category in the NZAPP Hamilton heats in 2019 showing off her impressive strength and flexibility . She is super excited to share her skills and knowledge and help her students grow and progress.


Emma fell in love with pole back in 2016 and hasn't looked back. She is a regular performer and likes to be a little quirky with her performances to make others laugh. Emma is super delighted to be able to share her skills and experience and help her students grow and develop their own style.


Jess has been poling for 2 years now, and has never looked back. Originally attracted to gaining strength, she has also found a love for slinky flow and sexy performance routines – she loves putting on a show! In her spare time you’ll find her binge-watching Netflix serial killer documentaries, dancing in her living room, and doing back bends on the beach. She loves seeing her students progress and grow into the confident, strong people they are at Altitude!

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