Owner/Operator, Pole Instructor

With over 10 years in the pole dance industry and numerous competition successes under her belt, Michelle is excited to be opening her own studio. She has a particular love for the pole dance basics, play and exploration and big-arse dynamic power combos. An X-Pert pole qualified instructor and Altitude instructor since 2011, she has a great love for sharing all things pole dancing and can't wait to meet everyone and provide a space of fun, femininity and empowerment. Outside of the studio she is a mum of two, wife to a compost obsessed-food growing-entrepreneurial husband and has a life goal of pole dancing till shes old and crinkly.


Stretch & Pole Instructor

Laura found her passion for pole at Altitude in 2012 and has competed in NZ, Australia and the UK. She won NZAPP's expert category in 2016 and has spent the last 3 years abroad training with lots of well known names. She is X-pert 1-2 trained, level 2 gym instructor qualified and is flexibility goals!


Pole, Dance & Floor Instructor

Kirsty joined Altitude Pole in 2017 in hopes of finding a new exercise form more exciting that the gym, and soon became addicted. Bringing a 10 year background in jazz, hip hop and contemporary dance, her performances vary from pole meets contemporary, to sassy, on the beat numbers. Kirsty is excited to be able to give back to the pole community in the form of teaching, and hopes that others will also be able to discover the love for pole dancing that she did.


Pole Instructor

In 2018 Georgia took a chance and signed up to Altitude. Before this the most experience she had in performance or creativity was a piano recital that did not go well. Now Georgia adores the challenges that come with pole, including performances and competing, especially after placing at her first competition Pole Artistry Grand Masters. She loves expressing herself through flow, musicality and creating characters for routines. Pole has become an outlet and way for her to celebrate what her body is capable of. Strong is the new sexy!


Pole Fit, Stretch & Pole Instructor

After a life-long background in being a couch potato with no fitness, flexibility or dance experience, Elle decided on a whim to try her first pole class at Altitude in 2014 and fell in love instantly. She especially loves playing with pole combos and experimenting with variations of shapes. She discovered stretching not long after and after over a year of dedication she finally got a touchdown in her first splits. A few years later and now you'll find her stacking blocks for her oversplits! She remembers the struggles of her inflexible days and can't wait to help you reach your flex goals!


Pole Fit, Stretch & Pole Instructor

A long time instructor and recent mum, Rosie is excited to be back. An X-Pert qualified instructor with over 8 years of pole under her belt and a background in gymnastics, dance, diving and theatre, she has everything you need to become a top poler. Rosie loves Altitude for its long lasting friendships and space to be creative and do what she loves. Rosie says "I love seeing students gain so much confidence and really come out of their shell. Seeing a student achieve their goals is so rewarding."


Pole Fit, Stretch & Protect & Pole Instructor

Noelle joined Altitude Pole in 2017. Her passion for pole has given her opportunities to perform and compete throughout New Zealand and Australia, nabbing second place at Pole Championship Series - Amateur in Melbourne in 2018 and Pole Legends Drama winner in 2019. She loves the challenges and creative freedom pole has to offer. If not on the pole or on the floor, she'll be snuggling on the furniture or on someone at an Altitude studio somewhere. Oh, she might also ask you to grab gelato with her and tell you stories about her cat.


Booty & Pole Instructor

Tamara started pole in 2015 after getting bored of lifting weights and running on the treadmill at the gym. After stumbling across Altitude, taking part in the first ever Altitude Attitude Challenge and trying on her first pair of Cinderella Pleaser Heels of Pole was instant love. How could it not be when your new gym shoes are covered in glitter?! Tamara loves pole as a place of escape, somewhere you can forget your worries and then leave smiling. She is so excited to share the wonderful world of pole dance with others and to help unleash the inner bad ass that is hidden away in everyone. In her own words "You will achieve things that you never thought were possible and I can't wait to be part of that journey!"


Pole & Dance Instructor

A trained primary school teacher with a background in adult education and a passion for all things dance, Libi fell head over heels in love with pole nearly four years ago. Libi says, "I love teaching, seeing the excitement and confidence in students as they learn moves, progress, make new friends and challenge themselves through pole and dance to develop their own style and uncover their own strength in so many different ways. It is a privilege and a joy to be part of. I am so excited to be teaching at Altitude Redwood."


Booty, Floor & Pole Instructor

Nicole's Altitude journey began in 2016 but she did her first pole class back in 2011. Growing up Nicole did Jazz but if you asked her to freestyle some jazz she would look at you blankly, needless to say it didn't click as much as pole has. Nicole has immersed herself in performing and competing over the past few years and is quickly becoming recognised for her upbeat, bootylicious, dynamic and flexible style of dance. In "normal person life" Nicole is a qualified electrician and is addicted to gaming. She can't wait to share all things pole and booty with you



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