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Our Whanganui instructor said what?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Ever wondered what other jobs your instructor might have done, or what pole moves they've struggled to get? Or just want to know a little something about them to make them seem more human? Well this is it, read on to hear three interesting facts about six of our Whanganui instructors!

What is your day job?

Alison: I am currently a student studying a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours majoring in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, I am in my third of four years and I am looking forward to finishing and getting out working as a process engineering dealing with food, fuels, chemicals or waste.

Jessie: Muggle life has me managing a very busy cafe

Kym: Social worker

Rachael: I'm a medical secretary at the hospital. I spend my day sitting on my butt typing up dictation from the consultants. A very inactive job but certainly very interesting! 

Emma: I'm now lucky enough to be a full time studio owner/pole instructor! However it's not all glamorous tasks - most of my day is sitting at my desk doing exciting stuff such as reconciling payments, or cleaning the studio. Previously I worked in graphic design, sales, and marketing which turns out are all pretty handy skills to have for my current role!

Ash: I'm a dairy farmer slash pole instructor for the past 3ish years! I've had quite a variety of jobs, but my most opposite job to pole is probably spending a summer pollinating flowers

What is/was your nemesis move?

Alison: As a beginner I struggled with laybacks because of the thought of holding myself with just one hand. As I have continued pole I have become a lot stronger and a lot more confident in myself and can trust that my body has the strength to hold me on.

Jessie: I have had a number of nemesis moves throughout my pole journey , but currently I am struggling with teddy's and pretty much anything involving elbow/arm grips ....the pain kiiillllllls! 

Kym: Pole Move - Brass Monkey's scares the pants off me every time and my front splits! Been two years in the making and still not there yet.

Rachael: I do struggle with inside leg hangs... my calves do not seem to like them at all, but I feel I'm just starting to get more comfortable with these now. So teddies are probably now the worst for me! 

Emma: A move I totally used to be able to do, and now it feels awful - Iguana! My shoulders just say "no" now. One of my goals is to get this feeling happy again.

Ash: My absolute nemesis move is pikes! Or possibly the rockstar spin!

Tell us something interesting or random about yourself

Alison: I have always loved exercise and previously did Jazz dance and competitive swimming. I love being outside in the fresh air and spending time with my family and friends.

Jessie: I have a bachelor in fine arts. I loooove cooking. I am a level 2 Reiki healer and I love cats. 

Kym: I love all things crafty! Knitting is my favourite hobby but in summer I do more sewing and love making or wearing a good holiday or harry potter costume!

Rachael: I’m a bit of a bogan and I enjoy decorating cupcakes and cakes. 

Emma: My family are obsessed with ginger cats! I have two ginger cats, Loki and Zazu, who are currently living with my parents and their two ginger cats, Arya and Renly.

Ash: I did ballet when I was a kid, but had to leave because I was too tall and uncoordinated!

From L-R, Top to Bottom: Alison, Jessie, Kym, Rachael, Emma & Ash

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