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Our Christchurch instructor said what?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Ever wondered what other jobs your instructor might have done, or what pole moves they've struggled to get? Or just want to know a little something about them to make them seem more normal? Well this is it, read on to hear three interesting facts about the following Altitude instructors!

From top left: Mel, Anna, Megan, Tash, Michelle, Julia, Oliva, Rosie, Joe and Cat.

Tell us your day job, or a job you’ve done that’s quite different to instructing at Altitude 

Michelle: wash up girl at Butcher Shop (#allofthemeatmess) is my most opposite, I now work for Altitude but was previously a research analyst

Mel: Flight attendant

Tash: Intern for the Mayoral Forum (and still can’t get a job waaahhh)

Oliva: Trust account administrator (I’m wearing a cardigan and glasses as I type this)

Rosie: I’m about to start study to become an electrician

Anna: I work as an insurance broker which involves a lot of maths (I’m terrible at math)

Joe: Currently an Arborist but the most opposite job would be a Kitchen Porter

Julia: I’ve just started as a recruitment consultant specialising in accountancy support roles

Megan:  I’ve worked in the insurance industry for 13 years....and I hate maths and failed it at school

Cat: I’m currently a graphics designer but some of my other jobs include working at the horror maze/haunted tram ride!

What is your nemesis pole (or other) move?

Michelle: Jade (should probably sort that out) and Janeiro (maybe it’s a J thing!)

Mel: A decent B-side inside leg hang

Tash: Pretzel...I was confidently handspringing before I got pretzel

Oliva: I can’t do a knee hold without screaming

Rosie: Rainbow Marchenco and Phoenix

Anna: Superman (I will never put this in a routine!)

Joe: Skyline if we’re talking strength moves but overall a layback (!!)

Julia: Prezel!!!

Megan: You’ll never catch me doing a proper ball drop! (that shits scary!)

Cat: Elbow rolls in hoop...I can do them if I get spotted through the first one, but if I try it by myself I just can’t do it!

Tell us a little something interesting or random about yourself

Michelle: I have a Law Degree, Science Degree and a Masters in Social Science haha

Mel: I have no secrets haha, literally can’t think of anything, everyone knows me I am an open book

Tash: I love plushies...I can’t have them under the covers though cause I feel like they need to breathe lololol #crazy

Oliva: Megan Pyne was my aerobics coach in High School (teheheh)

Rosie: I’m a trained pilot, although I don’t fly much anymore

Anna: I played saxophone for six years

Joe: I’m a qualified massage therapist in Sports Rehab Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki level 2 and Thai Abdominal detox therapy (or organ massage as the Thai’s call it)

Julia: My feet are completely different sizes, one is size 6.5 and the other is almost a 9 (I didn’t think this through, I’m going to have to get a pedicure now with everyone looking at my feet)

Megan: If you asked me to wear a pair of pleaser heels and dance sexy this time last year I would never have agreed!

Cat: I have personally rescued and rehomed over 60 kitten since the age of 4 and also volunteered at a cat shelter (#crazycatlady). I also play drums, guitar and do death metal vocals.

....who would have thought!

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