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Our Auckland instructor said what?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Ever wondered what other jobs your instructor might have done, or what pole moves they've struggled to get? Or just want to know a little something about them to make them seem more human? Well this is it, read on to hear three interesting facts about the following Altitude instructors!

From top left: Cece, Deryn, Jenna, Tessa, Sarah, Zoe, Siobhan, Larry

Tell us your day job or a job you’ve done that’s quite different to instructing at Altitude

Sarah: My day job used to be a primary school teacher

Larry: Accountant

Tessa: I work in IT at the moment, used to be insurance, and before that managing a game shop

Jenna: Marketing manager

Zoe: I was a beauty therapist back in the UK

Siobhan: In my other life I am a decorative lighting designer for weddings and events

Cece: I’m currently also a fashion agent/retailer

Deryn: My current day job is a Freelance Circus Artist – 3 Ring Riot.

What is your nemesis pole (or other) move?

Sarah: Janerio, I just can’t get it!

Larry: Deadlifts and allegra. I can’t do kneehold either, could never find that sweet spot that doesn’t hurt.

Tessa: Ayesha, which sounds silly since its such a staple move

Jenna: Iron X

Zoe: When I first started pole my nemesis pole moves were inverts, cross ankle and superman took me months and months to master! Now my nemesis move is rainbow marchenko

Siobhan: I have a love hate relationship with the reverse grab. I can’t seem to get the right leg to lead

Cece: Knee hold (yes its ridiculous, it just hurts so I’ve always managed to avoid it) and Janeiro (I swear its my T-rex arms)

Deryn: for pole it would have been the Jade Split, I don’t have a nemesis Aerial  Yoga move (yet) but I do have a nemesis mat yoga move – Trikonasana/Triangle pose.

Tell us a little something interesting or random about yourself

Sarah: I really hate feet. All feet.

Larry: I’m not a fussy eater and will pretty much eat anything

Tessa: I used to own a bearded dragon (actually the cutest little creature ever!)

Jenna: I did a Harlem shake on Aerial silks for Britain’s Got More Talent in an opening sequence

Zoe: I love my cake, all cake. If I could eat cake for breakfast, lunch and tea I would. I just loveeee the cake.

Siobhan: I love hats – all hats – my collection is getting ridiculous

Cece: I have a real life phobia of birds. But only some. Specifically, if I see Magpies I either turn around and go back the way I came from or take a super long way around them so I can avoid being seen by them and avoid any eye contact at all costs.

Deryn: I am obsessed with scrabble, I even have a scrabble tile tattooed on my right arm, I taught my husband to play and now he beats me often.....I taught him too well!

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