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Winter blues? Here's how to stay fitness motivated!


Love it or hate it... when the temperature starts dropping everything starts getting just a little bit harder (or a LOT harder).

Waking up in the dark and building courage to leave the warmth of your bed. Stepping outside your toasty home and into the frosty outdoor air. Getting your exercise in when it's just a bit too miserable outside and you don't want to risk getting cold, even just a little bit.

Yup, winter can kinda suck, but it's not all bad. Winter is a great time to build up some really strong habits, if you can do it through winter then spring, summer and autumn will be easy!

Here are some ideas on staying fitness motivated through winter

Sleep in your workout clothes! If you're a morning workout person one of the biggest reasons for your struggle is probably the thought of stripping off the blankets and your pyjamas, hurriedly pulling your workout gear on and then trying to recover all the heat you just lost from the whole process. If you go to bed with your gear ON then the only heat you'll lose is from the blankets and... bringing your blankets with you probably won't work too well. 🤔 sorry, no suggestions for that part.

Buy some warm clothes to put over your workout gear. By the time you're done with a warm-up you'll probably be cooking and ready to strip down. Try a onesie! You can get them for cheap and that's basically a full body blanket.

Buy new workout clothes. If you've got new gear to wear of course you're going to want to take them for a test run! Plus when you feel stylish you'll forget all about the cold (maybe). Buying clothes in the current season also means you'll be buying clothes that are designed for that season, which means they'll probably be warmer!

Recruit a friend to workout with on the regular. Pick a schedule that works for you both and stick to it. It's an accountability buddy... an accountabuddy! If your friend is waiting you'll find it easier to get up off the couch or out of bed and out that door. Plus, you'll be their reason too!

Join group classes. Turn it into a whole package, don't just focus on the fitness. Attending group classes means you'll not only be getting your blood pumping but you'll also be turning it into a social event. Meet friends, have laughs, work on your goals together!

Embrace it. Yup, you heard me... embrace how sucky winter is. It does suck! Know that you'll struggle but by the end of your workout you'll be feeling so much better, so much warmer than you had before! Then remember that feeling for the next time you need a bit of oomph.

Give yourself an out... but only after you've started. Tell yourself you'll do 5 minutes and if you're still not feeling it then you can bail on the workout. Once you're there though? Yeah, you probably won't stop. 😉

Set a winter-long goal. Having a long-term goal to work on will be a huge kick-in-the-bum for your workouts, it gives you an extra reason to get them done. If you manage to complete your winter goal before the end of winter... come up with a new one! Winter can be all about settings goals and smashing them! Goals, goals, goals!

Our last bit of advice is... remember that winter can be hard, it's not just you. If you are on struggle street you're not alone.

If you need some extra motivation, an extra push to keep you on track, classes at Altitude will get your blood pumping and your body moving! You'll be surrounded by a bunch of awesome people all aiming high (literally AND figuratively 😉), who are all kicking winters butt! 🌧

Come join us!

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