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We're Moving!!

If you are on our mailing list or watched our recent Facebook Live video, you may know that we haven’t been able to accept any new members over the last few months.  We have a waitlist of over 100 people, which is fantastic but this breaks our heart as we want to work with you all. This is why we are so very excited to announce that ...

We are moving!!

Altitude Pole & Fitness Christchurch is moving to an awesome building on 491 St Asaph Street, Christchurch on 8th May 2017.

Currently we work in a 120sqm studio in Christchurch. In Auckland, we operate in a 175sqm studio, which is a big space for this country.  However, our new studio is a massive 425sqm!

What will you see in the new studio?

The new studio will have two spacious four metre high pole rooms, each fitted with 12 poles.  Although our pole rooms could fit 20 poles by minimum standards, our new pole rooms will have heaps of space so you can wear your 10 inch heels and not kick anyone when you swing around that pole (or worse, be kicked!).  

Our third room will not contain any poles, but it will contain 5 rig points as it will cater to our other awesome classes like Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks and ZUU fitness which is growing in popularity in recent months. There will also be a reception area, with a shop selling merchandise (we are working on some great designs and some wholesale apparel, so watch this space!).  

There will be a lot of work to fit out the site over the upcoming weeks before we can open our new studio to the public.  Keep checking in with us, and we will keep you updated on our journey to the new studio.    

To celebrate the expansion of Altitude Pole & Fitness, we would love to invite you to attend the Grand Opening, keep an eye on our Facebook page for news about when this will be and your emails for an invite. 

If you are interested in joining Altitude Pole & Fitness, contact us now to get on our waitlist. Thank you for your support!

Talk soon!

Karry Summers


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