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Splits Blitz Tips!

April is the month for splits at Altitude (well to be fair, every month is the month for splits, but this month we push that extra bit harder) so we've gone to our stretch instructors for some of their top tips and advice when training flexibility.

  • * Focus on BREATHING! Deep breaths to get more oxygen into the body. Breathe in deeply, then exhale as you deepen into the stretch - Sam, Altitude Auckland Instructor

  • * Patience! - Oliva, Altitude Christchurch Instructor

  • *  Calming the mind is very important, especially when you're working on something that requires a lot of patience as Oliva said. Take your time, don't rush it, keep breathing, and relax your whole body. You can do a full body relaxation before you move on to your splits training. Some chill out music always helps - Kristi , Altitude Auckland Instructor

  • * With relaxation and breathing techniques I often refer to meditation and the Alexander technique of listening to your breath and clearing the mind so you can focus on releasing the tension holding back the stretch. When you can understand release you can understand engaging much better - Rosie, Altitude Christchurch Instructor

  • *  Focus on where you feel the stretch is making you really tight. Take three deep breaths as you focus on that spot. As you feel the muscle relax move on to focusing on the next area of tension and repeat - Rhiannon, Altitude Auckland Instructor

  • * Lengthen (stretch) ALL of your leg and hip muscles then use your strength to push yourself further - Erin, Altitude Christchurch Instructor

  • * Make sure you are warm before you do stretch. Don’t discount the role of strength - Sarah, Altitude Auckland Instructor

  • Keep doing them regularly, don’t give up - Cat, Altitude Christchurch Instructor.

So there you have it, when training flexibility be consistent, warm up, be patient and remember your breathing and relaxation tips then use your strength to push that bit further! 
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