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My Journey - Libi Carr

Libi is one of our rock star students who works her ass off both in and out of the studio. We asked Libi to share her story on how she got into pole and what she would like to say to anyone thinking about getting into pole.

I started pole as the result of a drunken Christmas work do dare.

Turning up by myself to my first Level 1 class in tights and a t-shirt I tried to master a front hook spin. Where were my workmates now?

I clung tightly to the pole with both hands and slid awkwardly around banging my knees on the ground.  The instructor demonstrated a beautiful one handed front hook spin, landing gracefully and sensually on her feet. "I want to do THAT", went through my brain and I was hooked.

I watched more experienced polers thinking I would never be able to get those moves. Keep going! The moves will happen, your strength and flexibility will increase more than you could imagine and before you know it you'll be upside down, whizzing around and performing feats of strength you never thought possible.

The feeling of achievement and success is awesome. Front hook spin is now one of my favourite spins.

I have discovered a sport, (yes pole is a sport) that just keeps getting better. Men and women pole. Polers look after each other, the atmosphere in a pole studio is one of total support as your pole mates cheer you on to nail that move you've been trying to get.

Polers are welcoming, open minded, love to share and learn. Pole doesn't care what shape or gender you are it just wants you to move and dance, and pole doesn't care what style you want to dance, just move.

I did ballet when I was younger - short and stocky, hitting puberty before the others I was the fat duckling amongst slender little swans. For many years I ached to dance again, my body missing the joy of losing myself in the music and movement.

Now I pole! I can dance, I can be strong, I can dance upside down and on my feet, in high heels or barefoot, in t-shirt and leggings, or bra and pole shorts, I can push myself out of my comfort zone and come back to the familiar moves. I can let go and just be.

What are you waiting for?”

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