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Milo's Journey; Finding peace with himself, body and soul

This blog was written by one of our Altitude Pole Nelson students, Milo. Read below on how he has found peace with himself, body and soul during his pole dance journey.

I started thinking about a fun way to get fit and have fun as well. I found gyms to be intimidating and not very motivating, especially as a queer person. I always enjoyed dancing as a kid but never could find a type of dance that suited me well.

I found out about Altitude through a close friend of mine, who is also friends with Nelson's studio manager Tania. I had a conversation with her about it one day and booked my consult from there! I was super nervous going in, I felt like I might have stuck out like a sore thumb being a trans man, however, the vibe of the studio was super inclusive and welcoming, I got really excited learning about all the different classes available!

Milo showing off his impressive flexibility!

My first class was level 1 pole. I was a bit nervous going in but left that class feeling like I had signed up for a challenge, and I was really excited to go back for more - I was sore and tired but so energized!

I started pole in February 2021, before getting top surgery almost a year later. It was a challenge getting used to seeing my body as it was, and showing more skin than I ever had in a room full of people. Saying that I learned to love my body and the things it could do, I have a huge appreciation for this aspect of pole dance!

I never thought I would get to a point where I would be so at peace with myself, body and soul, especially pre-surgery. I hadn't worn shorts in public for years no matter how hot it would get, or even gone to the beach or anywhere public to swim until this summer. I have yet to walk down the beach shirtless, but I don't think I'm far from it!

Gem, Tania, Monique and Milo in their wicked heels!

I feel really humbled at the amount of support I've received at Altitude Nelson, both from fellow students and instructors alike. I've grown so much stronger both mentally and physically, and look forward to seeing how I continue to progress. I love how everybody cheers each other on during classes, it really is an inspiring place to be and my favourite part of my day is heading off to my classes in the evening.

If I could give someone advice who is new to pole fitness and dancing, I'd just want them to know that it really is for everybody. No matter your age, race, gender, or sexuality, I've found the team at Altitude to be nothing short of incredibly supportive and inclusive.

I went into pole with no background in fitness, dance, or gymnastics, nothing like that at all and I am now able to do things I never thought I would be able to do. Like ever. So if you're considering a consultation and signing up, I'd say go for it and give it your all, it could definitely change your life for the best in so many ways!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my pole journey ❤️️

Milo and the Altitude Nelson squad's 2021 Xmas celebration

At Altitude, we're all about our awesome pole whanau! We couldn't be here without the support of our members - it's thanks to our students that Altitude is the wonderful, inclusive community we know and love. So we've had a chat with some of Milo's instructors about how he's making a positive impact in his pole studio 💕

"Milo is a joy to have in class, whether it’s cheering on fellow students, making everyone laugh, or working on his own moves humbly in the background. His progress is impressive to watch, he continually makes his instructors cry due to his personal messages of thanks & love! As his confidence is growing it is clear that Milo will leave an impressive mark at Altitude Nelson."

- Nikii, instructor at Altitude Pole Nelson

"Milo has been a dedicated student since he started, trialling everything we have to offer and pushing himself to gain strength, flexibility, and flow. Milo is a student who fills the studio with laughter, you can hear his cackle no matter where you are and it brightens up the studio and classes. He is so supportive to all those around him and is a joy to have as part of the Altitude Fam."

- Tania, studio manager at Altitude Pole Nelson

"Milo doesn’t realize how much of an effect he has when he walks into the room. His smile brightens your mood, his laughter is inviting, his encouragement towards his peers is second to none, and his progress and achievement as an artist is captivating. You can’t help but get drawn into following his journey. He is kind and beautiful both inside and out, it is a pleasure to know such an incredible human!"

- Natsumi, instructor at Altitude Pole Nelson

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