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May your flow be amazing - pole flow tips!

This month the studio focus was on flow. We're aiming for integrated transitions and combinations while keeping dance and form in mind. The key thing to pole dance flow is the age-old thing of practice and repetition so that once foreign movements, become remembered and then familiar and then natural. Not easy, takes time. 

"It's falling over gracefully" - Karry Summers

Flow is about dedication and consistency and while it'll be incorporated into classes, it typically takes a little bit more concerted effort to get it really going.

Today pole flow can mean a range of things - choreographed dance, low flow, base work, stylized flow (e.g. contemporary flow, exotic flow, freestyle flow etc), floor work and of course aerial pole flow. We had a think about the hallmarks of flow across these different flow styles and came up with the following:

  • Continual movement, even if it's just your fingers

  • Working with gravity and not against it, a lightness but intention of movement

  • Not tricks based, transitions focused

  • Not necessarily a 'start' and 'end'

The next time you're doing a pole flow try moving all the way through it and not 'holding' anything dead still. Try trusting your body and movement and momentum. Try transition your thinking from go to pole, climb up and then do X move into X move and make the 'combo' you're working on start from the second you approach the pole, to the second you go to turn your phone off ;)

If you want some flow movement ideas, our instructor flow challenge saw 5 of our Altitude instructors provide tutorials on some of their favourite movement pathways. 

Week 1 - Michelle: with her love of momentum, have a go with this serial momentum creation flow. 

Week 2 - Julia: Julia's love of pirouettes and time spent perfecting them means this one is a twirly one, have a go testing yours out!

Week 3 - Larry: explore, trust yourself and try something new with Larry's blindfold exercise. 

Week 4 - Karry: Karry's dynamic low flow will have you pirouetting while off balance, a good test for trying different directions.

Week 5 - Jenna: have a go integrating some contemporary movement to your repertoire with Jenna!

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