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Match it Up March - beyond both sides

Our studio focus this month was 'Match it up March' and while physically at the studio we focused on balancing out our training i.e. training both sides and not looking like said lobster, I want this blog to look slightly more beyond this.

It is often said that the other main contributor to your health and wellbeing (outside of flying around poles, silks, aerial hoops and getting crazy flexible of course), is food - the stuff we put in our body to make us go! So while we're ticking lots of awesome physical, mental and spiritual boxes coming along to the studio and kicking butt, there is more to it, to really 'Match it Up'. It doesn't take rocket appliances to work out that food is a pretty relevant factor to your health and well-being. You are literally putting it inside your body. P.s. I know it's rocket science, but, lol. 

Food, however, has become one of those topics where opinions are super diverse, the internet is riddled with conflicting information and everyone is an expert...which makes writing on the topic a bit scary. I am keeping it simple. 

I think the one fact you can't really refute (unless you are a Breatharian) is that you need to eat actual food - the stuff that grows in the ground and hasn't had heaps of shit done to it before you then put it in your mouth. I'm referring here, to fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and beans. Whether you want to eat it raw, fry it, boil it, roast it, make it a smoothie or blend it and shot it or snort it, whatever...eating it is an important first step.

Of course there is lots to be said around the quality of said food, is it spray free, organic, biodynamic...did you kiss the seed that was put into the ground and then how do you cook it, or don't cook it, or what oils are the best, or the portions you should have, how much, how often, what time of the day.... and then of course there are allergies, preferences and intolerances to contend with. I'm not going to go there. Just make sure, as a very basic starting point, that your diet includes plenty of real, actual food grown in the ground.

Ultimately, your food journey is personal to you and will be shaped around what works best for you, what your taste buds have to say about things, your ethical standpoints on things like the environment and animal welfare, your budget etc etc... at the end of the day, just make sure there is some real food doing real good for your overall health and balance.

Photo: real food - Cultivate Christchurch Halswell Farm

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