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Let us introduce you to the new Altitude Pole & Fitness Christchurch Central Studio

We have made it. We are now on the other side of construction and set up and we are occupying a stunning new studio just outside of the busy town centre with plenty of parking and fun times to be had!

At 491 Saint Asaph Street there is a new studio in town....an Altitude Pole & Fitness Studio, probably the largest (and most glorious) of its kind in New Zealand.  You'll see our Altitude Logo on the front, behind our ample car parking. 

Open the doors and you arrive in our waiting area - carpeted, informative TV screens, fun merchandise displays, a toilet/change/storage area, water cooler and seating. The Atrium is straight ahead and if you look up you might see the tops of the silks if there is a class on.

The Atrium, with its high ceiling and natural light is our non-pole room. In here you will find silks, aerial hoop, stretch, dance, ZUU fitness and acro-gym. There are four rig points for our silks and aerial hoop classes with a range of heights and plenty of room for drops and swinging!  

Our walls feature reminiscent fabric canvasses so that the late Tracy has her place in our new studio and on another wall, a somehow perfectly matched piece of art that Karry happened upon in a cafe! 

Beyond the Atrium is the Boudoir. The Boudoir is our softer, sexier pole room with instructors silhouetted on the walls, coloured lighting that can be changed to set the atmosphere and respond to the music and the quintessential wall of mirrors.  The Boudoir has 12 tall poles and is where most of our pole classes are held. It is a cozy, inviting space to learn all things pole. 

To the right of our waiting area is the Arena. The Arena is huge and we have exciting plans in place for it.

For now, the Arena has 12 extremely spacious, tall poles and features three bold, black (and of course sparkly) Altitudians silhouetted on the wall. 

The Arena of the future will likely see aerial yoga hammocks slung in the spaces between and this big airy room used for a variety of aerial yoga offerings as well as pole dance.

It goes without saying that each room is set up with heating and cooling,  ventilation, great sound systems, lighting and lots of smiling Altitude instructors waiting to share their passion and skills with you. 

All in all, the Christchurch Altitude Pole & Fitness studio is absolute gold (or perhaps pink sparkly glitter).

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