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Let's talk Self-Care!

We are excited to be at COVID Alert Level 1 in New Zealand! Life is getting back to normal, our studios are open and things are starting to settle back to where they were before (with a whole load of extra cleaning and hand sanitiser, of course!)

... BUT it's totally okay if you're still feeling a bit overwhelmed from everything that's happened this year. That's why we wanted to talk self-care - 'cause along with building back all those good habits we had prior to the lockdown, we also need to make sure we're getting an extra helping of self-care too!

We asked Julia, owner of Altitude Wigram, to talk to us about what self-care looks like for her. Check out this short video for some ideas on looking after yourself over the next... well, forever. Self-care is always a goodie!

And without further ado, here's Julia!

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