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Five Minutes With Teri & Rachel

Find out a bit more about two of our Auckland students, Teri and Rachel!

How long have you been at Altitude for?

Teri: I started at Altitude on the 9th of July, 2018.

Rachel: Iv been at the studio for about 8 and a half months now! Iv never done pole before until then but I'm super happy I started! 

What do you do in 'real life'?

Teri: I am a Schools Adviser with one of the largest universities in New Zealand. This means I get to travel and connect with high schools (students, their parents and career advisers) all over New Zealand about their future prospects at our university.

Rachel: For my job I'm a sculptor and makeup artist 

What is your fave pole video/person/move at the moment?

Teri: I haven’t really got into the pole scene yet so my fave polers are of course all the instructors at Altitude Auckland. They are all incredibly talented and have so much passion for what they do! Watching them pole so gracefully and with so much drive is just absolutely inspiring!

Rachel: My favourite pole move at the moment is the vomitron for sure! Spinning is always fun! I love watching Olga Koda's videos! She's so flowy and her moves are just so intensely interesting. She's absolutely goals haha

What move did/do you struggle the most with?

Teri: The. DAMN. INVERT!!! I have just started Pole Level 2 – which has been a challenge in itself (it’s awesome though) but I am really struggling with the invert as I have almost zero upper body strength. My instructor Izelle has been so patient though and really coaching me through it so I hope I get the invert soon!

Rachel: The thing I struggled with the most was climbing the pole. I just couldn't for the life of me get up there but when I did I was super duper stoked! I climb whenever I can now! Now the next thing that I'd like to tackle is my invert! 

Tell us something random/give us a fun fact about yourself

Teri: I was born and raised in Fiji. I moved here by myself at 17 for University (and now work) but my parents are still in Fiji (who have been there for over 20 years) enjoying their retirement!

Rachel: I'm a total nerd! I love going to the comic book shop and grabbing some comics and playing some video games and I absolutely freaking love Star Trek! 

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