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Five minutes with Sheridan and Cara

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

We wanted to share a few fun facts about some of our students, have a read of our Q&A with Sheridan and Cara from our Auckland studio.

Q. How long have you been at the studio for?

Sheridan: I have been at the studio for 2 years - though there was a large gap in the middle due to a spinal problem, so I've actually started from the beginning twice!

Cara: I've been at the studio since November 2016!

Q. What do you do in 'real life'?

Sheridan: I work in travel insurance - to hopefully help people that are just as clumsy as I am haha

Cara: In real life I'm working in administration while I look for a job in environmental science which is what I did my Masters in :)

Q. What is your favourite pole video/performance? And pole artist?

Sheridan: I totally fangirl-ed over Michelle Kasey's Ultimate Female performance. The pole artist that I most recently enjoy is Anastasia Sokolova, that woman can whip her body around the pole at high speeds, I get whiplash just from watching!

Cara: I really like Bendy Kate as I feel like my natural style in pole is similar to hers. As the name suggests she is very bendy, so I look to her for flexibility inspiration as well.Then I'm also interested in people like Olga Koda because her style is so different from my own and I find her mesmerizing to watch! Her exotic flows are incredible.

Q: As a beginner, what move did you struggle the most with?

Sheridan: For the love of all that is pole I. still. cannot. invert. I am sooo close!!!Though this has led me to happily discover weird, wonderful and creative ways to get into tricks without inverting, for which I'm intensely grateful.

Cara: I really struggled with climbing and then inverting. I've never been very strong so anything that required any strength was challenging. Climbing took me months! Inverting took so long I can't even remember! I was tuck crunching while people where upside down for what seemed like forever. Happy dances were done the first time I did them both.

Q. Give us a fun fact about yourself!

Sheridan: Im a total nerd! I enjoy getting my sci-fi series fix (Marvel over DC mostly, sorry guys) and im a definite Whovian. Im also a bookworm and a crazy cat lady, some of my most relaxing days are the ones curled up with the cat and a good book!

Cara: I have my PADI Rescue Diver license so I'm a qualified SCUBA diver and have gone to depths of 30 metres in the ocean.

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