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Five minutes with Royce and Toni

Find out a bit more about two of our Christchurch students, Royce and Toni!

How long have you been at Altitude for?

Royce: I've been at Altitude Pole for just over a year now and have been enjoying every moment of it! I found out about pole after going to the 2017 NZAPP competition.

Toni: I have been with the studio since the later half of February 2018, so almost 6 months now!! Feels like I have been a part of this awesome family for much longer though. I’m always keen to see other student progress videos as well as posting my own so if anyone wants to watch me smash some pole goals you can find me at @tonisloanpole 

What do you do in 'real life'?

Royce: In 'real life' I am a PhD student in Civil Engineering.

Toni: In real life I am a hairdresser! I have been studying for 3 years through apprenticeship now, I work as a colour technician at True Grit in Manchester Street and I am actually the 2018 Regional Hairdresser of the Year for the Next Generation Category (4 years or less hairdressing)! For anyone that’s knows me at the studio this is why my hair colour is forever changing lol. 

What is your fav pole video/person/move/style?

Royce: I guess my favorite pole style is strength based moves as what attracted me to pole was the athletic ability involved. I'm a big fan of Alex Shchukin!

Toni: My favourite pole videos to watch are usually sexy floorwork pieces or really difficult looking combos that I can watch and be like damn one day that can be me. My favourite people to watch are @maddiesparkledancer because her ability to split is out of this world, @leslielili_pole because she throws herself into her combos and it both scares and inspires me and then I love watching other students post videos from class, I love seeing growth and other students posting being proud of what they’re achieving! I recently got my pretzel spin so that’s probably my favourite move at the moment, just because it looks so twisty and it makes you think how did she do that! I have two moods when it comes to what style I like, which is either really slow music that you can just roll around and feel and put a lot of emotion into or the complete opposite. So fast, sexy, confident vibes. Throwing my hair around and lots of booty. 

What move did/do you struggle the most with?

Royce: At the moment I struggle with my inside leg hangs and moves based on this. Hip flexibility is a bit of weakness I'm trying to improve on.

Toni: I originally struggled a lot with the side spiral (I think this is what it’s called) I just couldn’t seem to get the strength I needed in my arms to pull myself up on to the pole as well as getting around it, but then one day it just clicked and now I love using it! Currently I am struggling with my layback purely out of fear for letting both of my hands come off the pole, I know I can do it and I’ve done it before but sometimes the fear just takes over. 

Tell us something random/give us a fun fact about yourself

Royce: I speak Mandarin as my second language and love Latin music as it's great to dance to!

Toni: I am also an artistic roller skater! I’ve been skating for 8 years now and I’ve skated at 5 national championships. People often ask me ‘oh is that like the derby stuff?’ But no it’s the skate around try to look pretty, jumpy, spinny, figure skating type :D 

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