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Five minutes with Paula & Vanessa

Get to know two of our students a little bit better - Paula & Vanessa from Altitude Auckland!

How long have you been at the studio for?    

Vanessa: I've been at altitude for 4 months now (wow, how time flies when you're having fun lol)

Paula: 6 weeks - I'm part of the Altitude Attitude boot camp and loving it!

What do you do in 'real life'?

Vanessa: I'm a physiotherapist working for government

Paula: I work at Youthline in my 'real life'

What is your favourite pole video/person/move at the moment? 

Vanessa: Favourite... That is so hard, there are so many epic move I wish I could do or even attemp, and awesome and inspiring people out there... My first few pole crushes are probably still some of my fav, Miss filly, Marlo Fisken, and Yvonne Smink, of course, their performances and what they can do

Paula: I love everything posted by Altitude Pole on Instagram

What move have you struggled the most with?  

Vanessa: As a beginner, I was fortunate enough to have sports background, although full of injuries, I had a relatively easy journey. I did struggle with superman and lay back, the buuuuurrrrrnnnnssss and the fact I could give myself a spinal cord injury.

Paula: The Spider spin! But I also really love this move and looking forward to the day I finally crack it!! 

Tell us something random about yourself

Vanessa: I had almost broken both of my ankles when I was a toddler, so "point your fking toes" is a curse to me.... and the fact I can click my big toes due to this is rather creepy.

Paula: I have tobogganed down from the Great Wall of China.

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