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Five minutes with Kate and Charlotte

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Get to know a little bit more about two of our awesome Christchurch students!

How long have you been at the studio for?

Kate: 2 and a half, nearly three years. When I first started it was a bit on and off but it was sometime in March around a public holiday.

Charlotte: Since September 2016 so about 1.5years.

What do you do in 'real life'?

Kate: I’m a medical laboratory scientist specialising in Anatomical Pathology- I basically get anything that gets chopped out of you and prepare it for diagnosis.

Charlotte:  I am a Transportation Engineer (I design roads, highways, traffic light systems etc - I apologise for all the road cones).

What is your fav pole (or hoop/silks) video/person/move at the moment?

Kate: Don’t have a fave video, I’m still fangirling over Michelle Shimmy and my current favourite move is Symphony but my favourite move of all time is hip hold.

Charlotte: Ooh hard question but at the moment my favourite pole move is the Twisted Ballerina on spin pole- such a pretty move and so satisfying when you hit it!

As a beginner, what move did you struggle the most with? 

Kate: I still hate hook and rolls and will never put one in a routine. And hiplock has to be earned from the silk gods.

Charlotte: Spider Spin! It took me ages to combine the lifting of my body while swinging my leg round and then trying to stand up gracefully all while pointing my toes…until recently, I closely resembled Bambi on ice with this move.

Tell us something random/give us a fun fact

Kate: There is a syndrome called uncomb-able hair syndrome and it makes your hair stick up everywhere!

Charlotte: My last name is not because I am French (I wish) but because my ancestors had french last names and at some point they moved to England but no one could pronounce their name properly so everyone referred to them as “the french family” and it just kinda stuck! So turns out there are heaps of French families but none of us are related!

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