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Five minutes with five of our students

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Find out a bit more about five of our students from around the country. Neil from North Shore, Stacey and Maddie from Christchurch Central, Peach from South Auckland and Edwina from Wigram.

How long have you been at Altitude for?

Neil: 19 weeks

Stacey: 7 months

Maddie: Since September 2017! (nearly 1 and a half years)

Peach: Almost a year - first at North shore and now at Onehunga (yay!)

Edwina: 8 months, first at Altitude Central now at Wigram

Where were you born/what is your nationality?

Neil: British/ Definitely now part Kiwi after gaining permanent residency at the end of last year

Stacey: I am kiwi, born and raised in Christchurch and have never moved away.

Maddie: Kiwi!

Peach: I am half indian but I was born and bred in Christchurch New Zealand before moving up here for work.

Edwina: Korean but born a jafa (Auckland) and raised in Christchurch.

What do you do in 'real life'?

Neil: Architectural Designer

Stacey: I work for Farmlands Cooperative as a Category Coordinator for AgChem and Fertiliser.

Maddie: Insurance Assessor for Motor Vehicles & Machinery Peach: I am a lawyer by work-day and a pole dancer by afternoon :P

Edwina: I am in my last year of my Bachelor of Science degree in Biological sciences, hopefully will be a biology teacher in a few years ;)

What is your current pole/aerial inspiration?

Neil: Wow were do I start, there are so many cool polers out there. My IG account has been filled with everyone I can find. Pole legends last year was amazing, so much home grown talent! On a day to day basis everyone that goes to the studio, or posts new achievements on social media are my inspiration as seeing what you have achieved is amazing and makes me want to keep coming back and learning new things week after week.

I think I stand out performance was Andre’s performance from Pole legends 2017, just had so much presence on stage and his abilities, so very very cool ;)

Stacey: My inspiration comes from within the Altitude family, both teachers and students who are all the most supportive and incredible people I’ve ever met (you will often see me watching a pole, hoop or silks performance with my mouth wide open, cheering and clapping because of these amazing and hard-working people).

Maddie: Inspiration would be all my teachers! I love watching them. Just like me, they started from the beginning. It gives me motivation knowing that some day if I work as hard as them I can get to be as good as them! Peach: I am continuously inspired by our ultimate pole mama Sarah Cuthill - the musicality of her performances, strength and flow always has my mind bending. I really aspire to dance like her as I progress. I am also inspired by the wonderful Michelle Kasey who has taught me to be happy in my own skin and has got me really finding parts of myself that I didn't know existed. We are so lucky at Altitude to have so many inspiring instructors, you don't have to look far for inspiration!

Edwina: This is so tricky. Oliva's flexi-ness, Anna's sass and Julia's amazing pirouettes. Their motivation and energy is amazing. Basically every badass instructor- their energy just bounces off and you have that whole buzzing vibe of feeling great after every class even after having an average day.

Studio related struggle?

Neil: Ermmm . . .  Being a guy, who has never danced, learning sexy/ flowy movements is not natural but if Andre can stomp his authority on it, definitely makes me wanna learn the moves. 

Stacey: Currently the most challenging move on pole is the Jazz Seat & Shoulder Mount (they hurt!).

Maddie: Flexibility comes naturally to me. However I lack strength. Strength is something that I really have to work hard at. For example, I struggle at aerial inverts. My back naturally bends where I should be engaging my core. For me, this is really hard. However, I have not quit and I will not quit. Each new move I learn and succeed in, brings me so much happiness!  Peach: My biggest challenge is my elbow grip Ayesha - It's just not a move that has come easy to me! My goal is to just keep working hard and hopefully one day it will come!

Edwina: Climbing up the pole! I am absolutely scared of heights so this was very hard for me but I got there in the end-partially on the shorter poles anyway.

Random fact?

Neil: I'm also a snowboard instructor

Stacey: I love sparkly things (clearly I was a magpie in a past life!)

Maddie:  I have double jointed arms. They can rotate 360 degrees. This freaks out a lot of people!  

Peach: A random fact! About me - I was a competitive horse rider for many years and only recently swapped my stirrups for pleasers! A random fact: On the basis that kinetic energy is converted to thermal energy, it would take 2.3 million slaps to cook a chicken.

Edwina: I love pokemon and animals. I catch pokemon when I'm bored or at home with my fur babies- my dog, kitten and bunny whilst stressing about my workload at university haha. 

From top to bottom: Neil, Stacey, Maddie, Peach, Edwina.

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