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Five minutes with Bex and Michelle

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Get to know two of our awesome students from our Auckland studio a little bit better!

How long have you been at the studio for? 

Michelle: I started at Altitude in March 2017

Bex: I have been poling and a member of Altitude for just over a year – started on February 4th, 2017.

What do you do in 'real life'?

Michelle: I'm am an Architectural Technician (Draughtsperson)

Bex: I am a full-time administrator / receptionist for a local physio company.

What is your fav pole video/person/move at the moment?

Michelle: My favourite poler is Sascha Meow! I love her russian exotic pole dance style. My favourite pole move is currently the banana split, because it makes me look like I can do the splits even though I can't.

Bex: Ooh that's a hard one – there are so many! I don’t currently have a favourite pole video/performance, but my favourite pole artists are Sarah Scott, Dan Rosen, Marlo, and of course all the absolutely incredible Altitude instructors!

As a beginner, what move did you struggle the most with?

Michelle: Spider spin and damsel spin! I found these spins quite uncomfortable to begin with. I also struggled with figure skater, as I found it quite painful and I couldn't hold myself up the pole. It took me a fair bit of conditioning to get it comfortably.

Bex: As a beginner I struggled with the likes of the fireman spin and stag spin. I could never work the placement of my feet on the pole and felt extremely uncoordinated whenever I tried the moves. I got the fireman before the stag but I can't remember how long each took.

Tell us something random/give us a fun fact about yourself

Michelle: I have two Instagram famous Boston Terriers! They have just over 30k followers and my mum runs the account.

Bex: I am a hugger – you can guarantee that whenever I arrive at the studio I cannot walk in the door without hugging at least one person. I also love to spend as much time as I can during the summer in the ocean – whether that be down the beach, or out on the boat with family.

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