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Five Fab Tips for a Perf'Fit' December

December - that time of year where everything gets a little bit mad. The decorations, the promotions, the shopping, the things to cross of the lists, the friends, the family, the tidying and entertaining, the food to make, the things to get....all. of. the. things.

But please don't forget about you! The you that has progressed hard at the studio, learned some cool shit and then got it looking and feeling good! Don't completely skip December, write it off as 'that time of the year where it doesn't matter', coz it does, it still totally does. By all means enjoy the moments of chill, enjoy the bubbles, the chocolate, the time with friends and family. Enjoy as well, that 'after class buzz', the Altitude Christmas antics, the studio warm fuzzies, the new found friends and get some photos, videos even to share with friends and family for when they go 'so what have you been up to?'.....coz they will.

Need a bit more help with making your December perfit? Try these -

1. Set yourself a December goal - got a class you've been meaning to try out, try it. Got a move but know if you could get your toes pointed it'll look that much better, werk it!

2. Adjust your expectations - completely knackered? Try a stretch class instead of aerials. Can't make every single class, don't stress, something is better than nothing.

3. Take a jolly photo - preempt the around the dinner table questions and bust out a photo of a sweet move to show them!

4. Seasons eating and drinking - yes it's Christmas/New Years, yes there's lot of food and booze, but you're in charge of you, don't use the time of year as a reason to gorge, coz, ugh, those sickly ate or drank too much feels aren't great.

5. Going away or just want to do more! - Take part in our Fitmas Challenge!

Happy December <3

Altitude Whanganui Christmas Love

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