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Finding my style - when Anna turned to Evie

When I started pole I thought there was no way I would wear heels. I thought heels were amazing, just not for me. I also didn’t think I would ever really get into the sexy side of pole, I just naturally preferred the flowy, floaty side.

I loved how free I felt spinning around the pole, mainly staying barefoot or in socks with my feet firmly on the ground. My early performances were all to very emotional songs, and that emotion was almost always sad. A lot of those performances I didn’t actually enjoy, and I now wonder if it was to do with the song choices! I got so wound up in my performance and the theme I was portraying, they left me feeling sad and deflated as if my story was a reality.

After having a couple of bad shows (one where I blanked entirely and had no idea what I was doing!) I needed to shake off the bad vibes I had about performing. So as I like to put it, I turned to the dark side. I had now been to a couple of exotic flow classes and it turned out, I really enjoyed them! I wanted to step away from who I was and create a persona who was confident, sexy and sassy; who was fierce and unafraid.

First NZAPP Competition

First came the name; I’d previously always performed under my own name, Anna Rose. But it felt too soft, too innocent for the character I was creating. I’d always loved the name Evie and it sounded much more edgy than my own name, so after playing with a few ideas, I came out to the world as Miss Evie X!

A couple of months after creating Evie, I signed up for a fundraiser show. It would be my first ever performance in heels *gulp*. On the night, I walked barefoot to the stage, too scared of falling in my shoes. I put my 7 inch ankle boots on side of stage and had Ben, our pole cleaner help me up. Right before I went on I said to myself, “you’re not Anna anymore - you are fierce, you are confident, you are Miss Evie X.”

It was and still is, my favourite performance. It was the first time I had enjoyed being on stage and I ate it up! I think I even turned away from the audience at one stage just to smile because I was having so much fun. I had found it, this was me. I am Evie.

Even now when I freestyle I can’t help but add in a few bodywaves or a piece of floorwork - even when it’s a sad song! My body has found its groove and there’s no getting out of it.

To anyone struggling to find their style, I challenge you to try something different. That different might just end up being the perfect fit.

Miss Evie X

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