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Find your #metime

It's not always easy finding time for yourself, to focus solely on you. Too busy with family, too busy with work, too busy with study.

A busy life is rewarding... but exhausting. Making time for you can be easily bushed off. You'll tell yourself "I'll make up for it later - when things are a little less hectic."

Want to know a secret? When you're extra busy - that's when 'me time' is the most important! It gives you a moment of peace within the chaos and without it, you can feel more stressed, overwhelmed, tired and... probably more grumpy. Taking care of yourself should be a priority.

So! I am challenging you, right now, to decide that you are worth it. No more guilt for taking time out, no more stressing about what you should be doing instead. Take that time and enjoy every second of it focused on the one and only, fabulous you.

Now I know it's easy for me to say all of that, sitting here in my own life and in my own world... but it's hard to find that time in real life, right? I've got five tips for you to help you make it happen!

1. Start slow. Just like exercise, you can't jump into working out six days a week for 2 hours a day without building up to it. Start with setting out just 10 minutes a day to shut out the rest of the world and do something just for you. Take a bath, read a book, listen to a podcast or music, potter around the garden if you're into that. Just do something (or do nothing, that's okay too!)... and then build up from there.

2. Decide what your 'me time' looks like. Everyone is different, so really think about what recharges your battery. What makes you feel good? Do more of that! Try new things to bring more joy into your life. 'Me time' doesn't need to be a solo activity either, group activities can skyrocket moods when it's full of laughter and awesome people.

3. Make a schedule! Set it up at the start of the week, the start of the month - whatever works for you. Just set it up and make it happen. Sometimes life will get in the way and that's okay. If you treat it like any other 'to do' you'll find you're achieving 'me time' more often than not.

4. Learn to say "no". If you're really not feeling it and it's not really important, well, you're allowed to say no. And you should!

5. Treat yo' self. Do something a little more special once a month, or once a week. Go to a spa, get a massage, go for a long walk up a hill, go shopping. Whatever your treat is, do it more often!

In the past, I have fallen into the 'too busy' trap and I felt more overwhelmed and anxious when I wasn't making that time for myself. I've found what my 'me time' looks like. I love lazing out and playing video games. I build confidence, find challenges and have lots of laughs at Altitude classes. Lifting weights at home gives me some serious focus time when I can listen to loud music, focus on what I'm doing then and there aaaaand ignore the ever constant fear of dropping something on my foot 😂

These things are just for me and they recharge my battery. I book that time in and I treat it like any other task, no less important than anything else I do in my life and I am rewarded in every other aspect because of it.


So... what does your 'me time' look like?

Maybe classes at Altitude? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

Request a consult to see where it takes you.

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