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Booty, booty, booty - At Home Workout!

Pole and aerials primarily involve building a lot of upper body strength (yusss) BUT we also love a good lower body workout. So here's an At Home Workout exactly for that! Jane, one of our instructors from our Onehunga studio has shared her amazeballs at home workout with you. Also featuring our infinitely looped gifs... 'cause ya know, infinite squats sound like a bad idea 😱

Ready... set.... go!!

1) Bum Raises x8

Lying on back with feet in close to bum, hands at your side. Squeeze your bum and lift hips off the ground, bringing hips up as high as you can while still squeezing your butt. Bring hips back down ensuring butt is activated and squeezing the whole time.


2) Bent Leg Donkey Kicks x8 each side Starting on hands and knees. Lift a bent leg off the ground and drive the heel of your foot up to the ceiling.


2) Straight Leg Donkey Kicks x8 each side Same position as bent leg version. Extend your leg out behind you and then up to the roof. Make sure to point your toes!


4) Narrow Squats x8 Feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your chest up, bend through your knees and sink your butt back until your thighs come to a 90-degree angle, you should still be able to see your toes at the bottom - if you can’t try sinking your butt back a bit. Keep squeezing your butt the whole way down and up.


5) Wide squats x8. Take a wide stance with feet turned out. Sink butt down to the ground, keeping knees turned out to the side and chest up.

Aaaand you're done! Chuck this into your week a few times and you're well on your way to stronger legs and a more awesome 🍑


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