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Altitudian Recipes - The best "Butter Chicken" & a Zucchini brownie

We asked our Altitudians for their favourite go-to recipes, let's share some more of them!

If you're struggling for some meal inspiration, or to get that real food in your body (fruit, vege, whole grain goodness) then these quick and easy meals are for you!

The best Butter Chicken feat. no butter and no chicken


- 2-3 cloves garlic

- 1 tsp ginger

- Spices: paprika, tumeric, garam masala

- Half tin of tomatoes

- Half tin of peaches (diced)

- Half tin coconout cream

- Natural yoghurt

- Rice

- Your choice of filling e.g. potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, beans (borlotti or butter beans are great), spinach or any meat.

- Fresh herbs to garnish: chives, coriander or parsley will go great.


Get rice and contents of curry cooking (i.e. potatoes etc like above)

Fry garlic and ginger in oil for a few minutes; add onion and fry briefly

Add 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp Tumeric and 2tsp garam masala and fry for a minute

Add half a tin of tomatoes and half a tin of cut up peaches (not the juice) and fry for a minute

Add half a tin of coconut cream and 4 tbs natural yoghurt and let it reduce until the sauce is a of a consistency you like. Put it all together and enjoy.

Zucchini brownie - dairy, carbs and nuts free


- 2 cups of grated zucchini 

- 3 tbs of raw cocoa powder

- 1 cup of dark chocolate chips (I use raw ones but you can get them sweet)

- 1 egg or two small ones. ( I use 2 small ones)

- 2 tsp vanilla extract (I usually put 1 of vanilla and 1 of coffee extract (I’m a coffee Addict)

- 1tsp of baking powder (I use aluminium free for a healthier choice)

- 1/2 cup of almond butter (melted). (I am allergic to tree nuts so I use coconut butter and I also add some coconut oil, it just needs some healthy fat)

- and to make it sweet I use stevia (granulated 1/4 of a cup or to taste) but the recipe is with 1/3 cup of raw honey.


Put all the ingredients together in a food processor and blend. Once soft and smooth, poor it in a baking tray with baking paper. 

Cook for 40 - 45 min at 180 degrees C or until teeth stick comes out cleaned!

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