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Ab Attack August At Home (now say that 10 times)

Our studio focus was on our abs - the big ole all important, stabilising very necessary abdominal muscles that help lots with our pole and aerials.

First, a little info on these majestic muscles... Rectus abdominis - the well known 'six pack' - a long, vertical muscle helping with flexing, side bending and stabilising. External obliques - muscles on either side of the rectus abdominis. If you can imagine putting your hands in a coat pocket, this is roughly where they are. Transverse abdominis - sometimes referred to as the TVAs, think internal, deepest muscles that are key to stabilising and core strength. Think corset - they wrap horizontally around front to back, ribs to pelvis. Internal obliques - think deep, internal muscles that sit under the external obliques responsible for side bending rotation and flexion.

Also important to your abs functioning well is a good functioning core -  pelvic floor (the base of the core, supports abs and back); back muscles (stabilise and enable movement); hip flexors (helps to facilitate flexion movement) and your glutes (extensor muscle of the hip)!

And well, you can't deny it, another aspect to the visibility of those abs.... is your diet

Put aside some time for this ab work out and get into it!

1. Firstly, finding your muscles...

3 x 10 second holds to feel that engagement 3 x 10 second holds once you're all zipped up Choose a daily task and ENGAGE, make it normal! Lay down on the ground, bring your hands to your hips and move them in an inch. Pull your belly button down to the spine, trying to flatten your back to the floor. Feel the muscle contract under your fingers. Better yet, squeeze like you're trying to stop a wee.....get that pelvic floor going too. This is working your internal muscles - the TVA and pelvic floor. Sit up, zip up - imagine someone zipping you up from your butt to your boobs Stand up, practice the above in this position.

2. TVA's workout!

3 x 10 second hold in the crunch position 10 x extending each leg along the ground 10 x slowly drawing each leg into the chest

Lay down, engage abs - draw in the belly button but this time come up into a half crunch position. Keep the chin away from the chest and breathe through that engagement. Slowly extend each leg out, pushing the foot along the floor and try not to let the belly button pop up, try and keep it flat with the aim of pulling it down to your spine. Have a breather, now come back into that same position but now bring the knees into the chest, alternating sides.

3. Obliques party time

10 x penguins each side 10 x crunches each side 10 x mountain climbers to the outside AND to the inside

Lay down, pull belly to the spine, come up to a half crunch position and then reach off to the side trying to tap your ankle with your hand. Come to a kneeling position, place your leg out to the side, hands on head, stay upright and crunch over to the side and back up. Imagine pulling your ribs to your hip, trying to close that gap. If this is too easy extend your leg further out or reach hands over head. Mountain climbers - Start in a high plank position, belly in towards the spine, bring knee to tap the outside of your elbow, alternating sides and then switching and tapping the inside of your elbow.

4. And last but not least, the washboard, the six pack, the Rectus Abdominis

10 x crunches with elevated legs 10 x Vagina monsters.. 10 x Flutter legs Lying on the ground with your feet resting comfortably on a seat, this will help isolate your muscles so we don't work your hip flexors so much, pull belly down, and crunch! Come up onto your elbows and wave your legs one at a time while rocking side to side in what is a well known pole dance move...the vagina monster. You can google this for extra instruction and we promise instructional  youtube videos on this pole dance floor work move will come up! And then coming back to lying down in that half crunch position, belly pulled in and flutter your legs like a ballet dancer - long, straight legs, toes pointed, ones moves in front, they switch...flutter flutter.

And work and work and work...

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