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Altitude Attitude Testimonials - What do participants actually say?

Wondering whether Altitude Attitude is for you? Check out what some of our previous participants have said!

"It was like a big family. Everybody helped and motivated each other"

"It was fun! Inclusive, very positive. I loved the photoshoot"

"I liked being with a group of like-minded girls at the same level of ability and self-consciousness. I liked that everyone put so much time into us and encouraged us. I loved the choreography"

"Everyone was in the same boat and willing to try new things. Everyone was so supportive of each other"

"I had such a positive time throughout it, I don't think it could have been much better!"

"I'm so grateful that I started Altitude Attitude. At times it was hard but for me to push myself so far out of my comfort zone it was so worth it. Thank you to all our teachers, you're totally amazeballs!"

"Even though I was sooo shaky and nervous during the photoshoot it was probably one of the best experiences because it gave me lifetime memories of my first ever taste of pole!"

"If you are already interested in starting pole dancing, AA is the absolutely best way to fully immerse yourself in pole as well as start with a group of people who are probably just as nervous or as excited as you! You’ll feel supported and encouraged to reach your potential!"

Altitude Attitude is always a huge success, and the feedback we get each time is so positive. It's a great way to try something new, get fit while doing it and make some new friends - plus you'll get some STUNNING photos that you can keep forever!

Sound good?

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