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A trip down Unicorn Lane - Anna's Pole Journey

As I approach my third year of having the title ‘Pole Dancer’, it got me thinking about my journey so far and all of the glitter and sparkles that has come with it.

I remember the first step so well. Sitting on the couch eating chips and browsing the internet (my standard weekend). I had decided I was sick of anxiety running my life; I was going to do something, didn’t know what, but something!

I typed in “Burlesque”. Yeah, that’s a bit of me. The girl who eats her feelings and doesn’t socialise could DEFINITELY strip down to her knickers - easy! (who was I kidding). After half heartedly looking at studios in Christchurch, I kept scrolling.

“Altitude Pole”, I read from the screen. Hmm, Pole Dancing! We all use the phrase, “I’ve always wanted to try that”, and I know I definitely had with Pole. I’d seen studios in town, even used to play on the pole holding up our veranda at home when I was young!

I had never given it any proper thought; until now.

As luck would have it there was a spot open in a beginner class the very next evening and for the special price of just $10. If there was going to be a sign, this was it! So without any major thought at what I was getting into, I booked my first ever Pole Dancing class.

A quick trip to purchase some $5 shorts that were miles too big and I trotted off to class. We started the warm up and everything seemed to be going okay. The instructor even commented on how beautiful my toe point was! I played it cool but was secretly stoked for all those years of childhood Ballet!

Warm up complete, it was time to get into it. “Pull up crunches”, the instructor says. It seemed simple, you pull through the arms and lift your knees to your elbows. Cool, I thought, I can do this. Well, it turned out I couldn’t do that, not even close! “Engage your core”. What core? This belly has been used for nothing but eating the last 10 years, any core that was there shrivelled up a long time ago! 

Next, it was on to skills - which I was just as useless at! Any normal situation and I would have been in tears by now, yet strangely, I wasn’t even phased. Even when class finished I didn’t say “never again”.

I instead signed up for a membership and then went on to attend class every day possible! Goodbye lazy evenings at home, hello hard work and bruises!

I worked my butt off and LOVED it. In three short years I went from being the student to the teacher, from slippers to sky high heels. From hiding away to performing in front of hundreds of people.

This journey hasn’t been easy. Amongst the glitter and sparkles there have been tears and frustration. But no matter how hard it gets, this is one path I’ll never leave. I am a magical unicorn pole dancer, and I absolutely love it.

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