Palmerston North



Owner & Pole Instructor

Emma is the owner of Altitude Whanganui and Altitude Palmerston North, plus recently became Head Instructor for Altitude - she just can't get enough of the Altitude family! Her love of pole dance began in 2012 but her passion for performing art began much earlier than that - she used to be a Ballroom and Latin American dance instructor. Once pole dance entered her life, though, it's fair to say that it took over (in the best way possible).

In 2013 she won the NZAPP Intermediate category, and has been a finalist in NZAPP Open Category in 2016 and 2019, Pole Legends in 2016, 2017, and 2020, and Miss Pole Queen 2017. Emma is X-Pert certified from levels 1-4.


Pole Instructor

Tara started pole dancing in 2014 as a fun way to get fit. She loves the confidence that it gives you, how it challenges your comfort zone and constantly makes you push yourself to keep improving. Most of all, she loves the supportive community it creates and the way you feel after being around all your pole friends. ⁠ ⁠ Tara entered NZAPP for the first time in 2018 which is something she thought she would never be able to do, and now can’t wait to do it again. Tara loves to encourage anyone to give it a go, because everyone can!⁠

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Pole Instructor

Keely has always been passionate about dancing. Dancing on stage, down supermarket isles, in her bedroom...pretty much anywhere with enough space! She has learnt Ballroom, Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop, Tap, Rock and Roll and now Pole Dancing. What makes Keely so passionate about Pole Dancing is the mental health benefits. She is constantly seeing these amazing tricks, thinking "I'll never be able to do that", and then proving herself wrong! With the help of her incredibly supportive pole teachers and family, Keely has been able to achieve many things and is looking forward to being that supportive person for her students. Fun fact: Keely has been attending dance classes since she was 4 years old!

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Pole Instructor

Julie-Anna is excited to have joined the Altitude Team in Palmerston North. She started Pole Fitness & Dance in February 2020 because she needed an outlet for her creative energy and a whole body fitness program. As a result of her hard work, Julie-Anna has traded in chronic hip and back pain for pole kisses and new muscle she never dreamed of having before starting pole. She feels so strong and is loving the body positivity from everyone at the studio. Julie-Anna looks forward to sharing what she has learned with others so that they can experience the same joy and personal growth.


Pole Instructor

Amiya has been dancing since she was 5 and started pole in February 2020 after a brief hiatus. She felt like she was missing something in her life and decided to give pole a go. Ever since her first class, she just can’t get enough. Amiya loves how supportive the pole community is and the confidence pole has given her. She also enjoys the diverse range of styles and movements she can explore at pole!

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Client Care Manager, Pole & Stretch Instructor

Kym is super enthusiastic about always having fun at pole. She loves a holiday themed costume and is good at making sure there is always plenty of laughter in classes. Kym was a beginner finalist at NZAPP 2016 and was the Intermediate NZAPP winner in 2017. Kym started pole in 2015 with no dance or gymnastics experience, very little fitness and the flexibility of a plank of wood. She works really hard to keep improving her pole, hand balance and flexibility and loves her Altitude pole family so much for being the best, most supportive people in the world!


Pole Instructor

Pole and Acro Instructor Karyn has been dancing and performing from a young age she continued on with her passion to polytech and completed a Bachelor of Performing & Screen Arts majoring in Contemporary Dance in 2014. ⁠ ⁠ Karyn later moved to the Manawatu (2017) and once settled she thought something was missing, this is where she found pole dancing. Karyn was a 2018 Intermediate finalist at NZAPP and was the Open NZAPP winner in 2020

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Pole and Conditioning Instructor

Matt started pole in 2019 to switch things up a little after 15 years of martial arts. Without a rhythmic bone in his body he found a new love in pushing himself to places he didn't think were achievable and getting out of his comfort zone. Usually found on the sidelines cheering for the students, Matt is setting goals to perform for the first time which both terrifies and excites him. Matt loves the way the pole community is so supportive and encourages everyone to give it a go.

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Pole and Conditioning Instructor

Jenny discovered pole in 2018 and while she wished she'd found it sooner, she is so grateful that it is part of her life now and she believes it is never too late to pursue something you are passionate about. Jenny has taught aerobics at Les Mills, competed in a few triathlons, surf life saving and raced outdoor karts competitively. Yes there's a theme here, she loves anything that challenges her and teaches her new skills. Jenny entered NZAPP 2020 in the Intermediate category despite feeling very much a beginner at the time and made herself and us so proud with her Madonna Vogue performance. Jenny appreciates that everyone in the Altitude pole family has a different reason for being in class and she will encourage you to just turn up and be open to what happens for you on any particular day. She will get just as excited as you when you do something that you thought you could never do or have been striving for. Jenny likes to think no matter how hard life can get, you can always find a 'little happy' somewhere in your day.... ice cream, a blue sky or having the courage to try something that challenges you both on and off the pole, to name a few!


Pole and Flex Instructor

Jay started pole in 2018 on a whim thinking it would be a bit of fun and quickly became hooked. Jay loves pole for its challenges both physically and mentally and is a firm believer in trying everything once, mostly for science. A fan of hanging out upside down and shaking his booty he can’t wait to share his love for pole with others and encourage them to try new things especially the scary things and prove that pole really is for everybody.


Pole Instructor

Rosie started pole in May 2018, not realising it would be the a start of a love affair. She was a finalist in the NZAPP 2019 beginner category and had lots of fun strutting her stuff as a crab on stage, and loves the fun and creativity she can have with pole, from creating routines to using her sewing skills to make pole wear and costumes. Rosie loves the supportive atmosphere of the studio, and that even on the worst of days by the end of the warm up she is in her happy place.

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Mobility and Flex Instructor

Kim is a massage therapist who is incredibly passionate about improving movement and flexibility. She loves that she has the opportunity to bring the skills massage has taught her into a class to help us all save our bodies and keep them doing all the amazing things for a long time to come! Since starting at Altitude, Pole has quite quickly become an overwhelming passion in Kim's life, she has even taken the leap and will be competing in NZAPP in October.


Pole Instructor

Jo has been dancing since she was 5 years old, learning and teaching Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary. After a couple of years off, she joined Altitude in 2020 to try something new – the Pole addiction is now very real! She loves that the studio has become like a second family and how encouraging and supportive the instructors and students are. One of her favourite things is the sense of achievement you get from nailing a move you have been working hard at and she can’t wait to watch her students experience that same feeling.


Pole and Conditioning Instructor

Nicole has been doing pole since February 2020 and she is obsessed! She loves pole because of the freedom it gives you to be yourself. It is such a safe place to explore your strength, confidence and to make new friends! Nicole's favourite classes are the flow classes because she loves to dance! She has always been a, dance in the bedroom when no one is watching, dancer so it’s amazing to have a safe space to dance. Nicole likes being challenged to learn new things and the supportive environment where people give you compliments other than yourself in the bedroom mirror is amazing!


Pole Instructor

Katie joined Altitude Pole in September 2020, never could she have known that it would be so much fun. With no experience as a dancer but plenty of strength in her human from being a gym bunny she fell in love with pole and her pole family at Altitude Palmerston North. Pole has provided the perfect challenge, community, strength and enjoyment and Katie can’t wait to show more people what Altitude is all about as a teacher.