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Managing Director, Pole and Stretch Instructor 

2018 Pole Stars 1st Runner up and 2019 Miss Pole Queen Amateur category winner. Rhi has a passion for pole which she loves getting to share with her students. The most rewarding part of working for Altitude is getting to see your students grow and progress.

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Client Care Manager

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Pole, Stretch and Floor Flow Instructor

Emma been pole dancing since 2016 but joined Altitude as a student at the beginning of 2018. She fell in love with how fun pole can be, how supportive and welcoming the people are and how much confidence it can give you. Coming from no dance or gymnastics background, Emma is a great example of how pole dancing can be for anyone! Emma joined the Altitude instructing team in 2020 and has a love for spin pole and anything back bendy.

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Pole Instructor

Previously instructing at another studio Marie joins our Altitude Northshore with a specialty in flow and movement. She is super encouraging and supportive of her students and just loves to see them blossom & reach their potential.

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Sarah Barr

Managing Director, Pole & Stretch Instructor

Sarah is the epitome of grace and strength. Starting pole in 2009 with Altitude Pole, Sarah is a regular to the professional and competitive stage. Most recently she won the strength award in NZ Pole Legends 2017 and was the winner of the Trickstar category of Pole Stars 2017. Fitness, health, well being and pole are her obsessions and she just loves to share the knowledge she has in these fields.

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Pole & Stretch Instructor

Celeste’s passion for pole dancing started in May 2018. Absolutely fell in love after the first class, and never looked back. One of those totally unexpected kind of loves! She loves the strength, power and confidence pole brings. An overall caring happy soul, and loves to share her passion and love for pole and flowy moves… hair flicks and pointy toes is an absolute favourite.
Celeste has progressed in her confidence, strength and flow, absolutely adoring the constant feeling of success and the overall lovingly close community the Altitude family shares. She loves to help students find their own passion and enjoys watching the progression of their pole journey

She is mostly known for her obsession with giraffes but more importantly her doggo child Cooper, which no doubt she will tell you all about!

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Strength and Conditioning and Pole Instructor

Amber is a fitness enthusiast that does everything from weightlifting to running her first ultra marathon last year. But it’s pole and dance that bring her the most joy. She is looking forward to sharing that passion and joy with her students and helping them find their place in the pole world.

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Pole & Stretch Instructor 

Rosie joined Altitude after discovering how incredible pole is through Massey uni. S he is a zoology student by day, but is often found in the studio at Massey or Northshore before between and after class feeding her obsession, working on strength flexibility and new moves. Shes been teaching at Altitude Takapuna and is excited to transition to Altitude Albany. Rosie loves sharing her passion for pole, and watching her students improving

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Altitude's Founder and Owner (Based in Christchurch)

Karry Summers is an internationally ranked pole dancer who teaches all over the world. She has been pole dancing since 2008 and is the current Miss Pole Dance NZ, 2013 Australian Pole Theatre Champion and runner up in the 2nd Pole World Cup. Based in Christchurch, Karry travels to Auckland to hold pole masterclasses for Altitude instructors.

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Pole & Stretch and Relax Instructor

Shanice started her journey with Altitude Pole a couple of years ago and quickly fell in love!! She loves its ability to challenge you in so many different ways while also allowing you to be exactly who you want to be. Known for her love of flips at the studio, and with a background in chiropractic & yoga teaching, Shanice also loves to help people move out of their comfort zone and try new moves they may not have thought they could do (safely and when they are ready of course!)!! She can't wait to see you in class and is super excited to be involved in your pole journey!

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Emma Supra

Pole and Stretch Instructor

Starting as a student at Takapuna, pole quickly became my happy place. I found a new passion for flexibility & I love being challenged with a crazy flexi trick. Student showcase is always a highlight of my year as I love seeing everyone’s unique styles & the results of everyone’s hard work. Outside of pole I’m currently studying Biology with a focus on conservation & I’m a Mum to 3 bunnies, 2 rats, a cat, a dog & a frog. I also love cooking & experimenting with crazy foods. I’m so excited to share my passion for pole and watch students grow.