Altitude Pole offers you qualified Xpert trained Pole instructors and Master trainers, NZ's best pole dancers and the biggest studio in New Zealand. Altitude takes aerial fitness seriously and are passionate about teaching safely and effectively to help you reach your goals from fitness to performing.

Pole Dancing, Anti-Gravity® Yoga, Contortion, Aerial Hoop and Aerial Silks! All classes offered at Altitude Pole Studios in Christchurch. Take your fitness to new heights and lose weight the fun, sexy way!

Altitude Pole aims to put the fun back into fitness and the confidence back into women. We do our best to make sure everyone feels welcome and has a good time while toning and strengthening muscles you don't even know you have.

Call/Text: 02 chch pole (02 24247653)
altitudepole@gmail.com to book in for a class

It is advised that you wear shorts for practice so you can grip the pole with your legs.

Please don't put any moisturiser on the day you come to class, not only will this make you slip off the pole, but will also make other girls slip off the pole!

Costs and Bookings

We work on a credit system. You buy packs of credits and use them up on classes. The more credits you buy in one go, the cheaper the classes become. Credits don't expire for a year so you have plenty of time to use them all up.
Pole, Silks, Aerial Hoop, Contortion and AntiGravity® Yoga classes
Booty Camp

Pricing Options:

  • Casual Rate: $20 per 2 credit classes, $10 per booty camp
  • 10 pack of credits: $80 (works out at $16 per 2 credit classes, $8 per bootcamp)
  • 26 pack of credits: $160 (works out at $12.30 per 2 credit classes, $6.15 per bootcamp)
  • All-U-Can-Handle Monthly: $150 Come to ANY of our classes as much as you can handle for the whole month. Starts from the date you first use it to the same date next month.

Please bring cash to the class or contact us to arrange a bank transfer as we don't currently have EFTPOS.

Private classes run for 55 minutes and can be organised with any of our instructors.

  • One on one with an altitude trained instructor: $60
  • Two on one with an altitude trained instructor: $35 each
  • One on one with Karry Summers: $80
  • Two on one with Karry Summers: $45 each


Why Altitude Pole?

Altitude Pole prides itself on our professionalism, level of expertise and friendly welcoming atmosphere. We take our pole fitness seriously and will ensure you get a great workout, meet likeminded people and increase your fitness levels in every way through this exciting course.

What kind of people attend pole fitness classes?

Pole fitness is suitable for all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness levels. Its natural to feel intimidated attending your first session - but just remember, everyone in your class will be beginners and our expert instructors will provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere to get you hooked!

What are the benefits of pole fitness?

  • The benefits of pole dancing are immense.
  • Burn calories - 300 per class approx
  • Sculpt and tone your muscles - especially your arms and abdominals
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Improve coordination, grace, style and dance ability
  • Build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Have a great workout in a fun, social environment!

How do I book and pay?

Pick the class you want to attend from our Class Info page and then you can book online here!. If you are unsure of what level to come to, or cant make any of the available classes you want to attend, we are happy to discuss your options with you and see what we can do. You can either buy your credits online when booking, or pay by cash or credit card at the studio.

I'm not very athletic or co-ordinated will I be able to do it?

At Altitude Pole we welcome everyone - regardless of dance experience, athletic ability or fitness level. Being able to support your body weight and having a little coordination will help but remember - these are the skills you will learn during your course. As with everything, it will come more naturally to some people than others but everyone can do it! We all learn in different ways, at different speeds and Altitude Pole helps provide an inclusive atmosphere to learn in where you can develop your own unique dance style!

What should I wear/bring?

Bare arms and legs are essential to grip the pole, so we would recommend shorts and a t-shirt or vest, with either trainers, dance shoes or bare feet - comfortable gym clothes. Try not to moisturise, or use any oils the day of your class as this can affect yoru grip on the pole. Heels are optional from an intermediate level.

What happens if I need to cancel my course/class?

We understand that often life gets in the way of pole dancing, and if you are unable to attend a lesson, please notify us as soon as possible.

Contact Us

Feel free to drop us a line either for any questions you have, or any bookings you want to make.
Cel 02 chch pole (02 24247653) (call or text)

Where are we?

We are between Colombo st and Durham st south. There is plenty of parking after 5pm too.

Our street address is:
166 St Asaph street
Christchurch Central

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